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CYBERPUNK 2077- An Over-Powered Success!

Cyberpunk 2077 – the most thrilling and anticipated game of the decade has set a new record on Steam. The game was popular in the news since last year but fortunately, after numerous delays, the game has launched. While many of the gamers were really excited about this game, the teenager group has also shown its interest in this over-powered game. Many players across the world almost thought that they will never get the chance to play this game. This is because it was first expected to launch in 2012. But after a long worthy wait, the game has finally landed and it’s just staggering!

Cyberpunk 2077 steam records

Steam, a popular gaming platform took the distribution of the game and recorded over a million concurrent players on the launch day itself. The previous record was recorded for Fallout 4 which had 4,72,962 concurrent players initially when it was launched in 2015. Moreover, Cyberpunk 2077 also recorded a massive 1-million views on Twitch as the- “most viewed title”.

Cyberpunk 2077

Image Source: TechRadar

Certainly, it’s not the highest Steam number of all time but in the single-player segment, it is actually a huge number. In back 2018, PUBG has been recorded to have 3.2 Million peaks, but that was for the multi-player segment game. Cyberpunk is going to get its multi-player update in 2021. If the game will be able to keep its propaganda consistent and attract more players to experience the game, then it’s going to break the PUBG record as well. GTA-V is so old and it is successful in maintaining its hype from the beginning. So we can definitely expect that Cyberpunk will definitely be capable of breaking all the records.

Gaming Scenario During COVID-19 pandemic

As most of the people got locked inside their houses during the lockdown they discovered a new area of interest- “the gaming world”. The gaming world got more diversified, especially during the pandemic. Coming to the young age group, they got more attracted to new games and enjoyed watching the streams of different successful YouTubers. In the meantime, they also thought of trying their hands at playing the games played by them.

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Before the ban of PUBG in India people of almost all age groups were very engrossed in playing that game. Not only PUBG there were also many other games like – Valorant, Call Of Duty, Among US which got huge fame during this pandemic. Cyberpunk is going to be another masterpiece of the gaming world that is going to steal the sleep of teenagers.

According to some gamers, they predict that the game will lose its significance within a month. But many successful gamers and streamers believe that this game is all set to create a World record. So let’s wait and witness the roaring success of Cyberpunk 2077.

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