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Everything You Need to Know About Bong

If you love smoking cannabis, you definitely might have heard about bong. That is because bong is among the essential tool for many smokers. Bong helps filter the smoke of tobacco, cannabis, or any other herbal substance that one needs to smoke. Therefore, using the bong, you are guaranteed a smooth and well-filtered smoke without any impurities that may cause some conditions. This article discusses some of the essential things that one should know about bong. Thus, this article will give you everything you need to know about the bong. Those things include;

How does bong work?

Before discussing a bong’s work, it is essential to know the different parts that make a bong. Since the device mentioned above helps filter the smoke through water, it helps in cooling the smoke. Below are some of the mains parts of a bong. They include;

Parts of a bong

  • The mouthpiece

Just as the word suggests, the mouthpiece is the upper part of the bong where the person smoking places the mouth to get the filtered smoke. 

  • Tube

The bong contains a long tube where the filtered smoke travels through before reaching the smoker’s mouth. 

  • ice catcher

The ice catcher helps in trapping all the ice present in a cloud of smoke. Little ice traces may be on the smoke since the bong uses cold water to cool and filter the smoke. 

  • Glass bowl

The glass bowl is where one places the dry cannabis, tobacco, or any other substance before heating it. When choosing the right bong, it is essential to consider the glass bowl’s size to ensure it can easily accommodate your cannabis. 

Some of the other essential parts of a bong include the percolator, percolator, slide, and base. Knowing all the parts of a bong, let us discuss something about choosing the right bong. 

How to choose the right bong?

There are various things that one should consider when choosing the right bong. Whether you need to buy your bong or buy it as a gift for your friend, the tips discussed below can help you make the right choice. Below are some of the top tips for choosing the right bong. They include;

  • Consider the bong style

Before you choose a particular bong, it is essential to consider the style. Do you like the overall appearance of the bong? If yes, then you need to consider some other features to ensure you choose the right one. There are different bongs with varying styles in the market. Some of the various styles available include the straight tube, recycler, beaker bongs, and many more. Each of the styles mentioned above has varying capabilities. For instance, if you choose the beaker bong, you will have a more significant volume for water, smoke, and cannabis since they are huge. 

  • The glass thicknesses

Glass thickness helps in determining the durability of your bong. According to research, bong made of thick glass of about 5- 7 mm is hard to break and more durable than those with a thickness of less than 3mm. Therefore by choosing a bong with thicker glass, the more durability you will enjoy. 

  • Consider the percolator used.

Many people have been trying several times to determine the best percolator to use without any success. That is because the percolators vary in different aspects. The percolator used determines the smoothness of the smoke that one will get and the overall degree of filtration. It is essential to ensure you choose the percolator that provides a more refined smoke. Below are some of the most popular percolators available in the market. They include honeycombs, showerheads, trees, turbines, and inline. 

  • Ease of cleaning

To keep your bong in the best condition at all times, washing the bong more frequently is necessary. Therefore, when choosing the right bong to buy, one needs to consider the ease of cleaning. Avoid buying bong that will give you a hard time when washing. Choose a style that is easy to clean. 

Some of the other essential things to consider when choosing the right bong to buy include joint sizes, price, and reviews. 

Benefits of using a bong

There are several benefits of using a bong whenever you want to smoke. Below are some of the reasons why you need to use the bong whenever you need to smoke. They include;

  • Bong produces smooth hit

One of the advantages of using a bong is that you get a very smooth hit. Inhaling a very dry smoke can lead to severe conditions such as drying the pipes and irritating the throat. The irritation causes unpleasant burning on both lungs and joints. 

  • Improves filtration

The other advantage of using a bong is that the device helps to improve the filtration. According to studies, when you light anything, there is the production of carcinogens that are toxic to humans. When you use a bong, the water will filter all the toxins present. For instance, when you use a bong when smoking cannabis or tobacco, the device will help you filter tar and ash that can lead to severe conditions. 

  • Helps to reduce mold and bacteria

Inhaling microbes can lead to some dangerous conditions. Therefore, using the bong, the water used on those devices helps filter the molds and bacteria that can cause some conditions.

Some of the other benefits of using bong are that they help produce bigger hits and use bong is fun. 

Myths and Risks of using a bong

Although there are several myths about using the bong, there is no science-backed support to prove some risks and myths. One tale about using a bong is that people claim that bongs are dirty than a toilet seat. The fact is that there is no evidence to prove that. The myth may have resulted from someone who hates smoking cannabis. Many people do not know the various benefits associated with smoking cannabis using a bong. There is also no science-backed evidence to show any risk of using bong on the side of risk. 

Last word

Considering all the above-discussed things in this article, it is clear that bong has several benefits to the users. 




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