Acer H Series Smart Television Series - Long Term Review
Acer H Series Smart Television Series - Long Term Review

Acer H Series Smart Television Series – Long Term Review
Planning to buy a new Smart TV then you must have your eyes on this Acer H series Smart TV, here is the long term review:

Acer H Series Smart Television Series - Long Term Review
Acer H Series Smart Television Series – Long-Term Review

In September this year, Indkal Technologies Pvt Ltd licensed Acer Televisions India to launch its new Smart TV line, the Acer H series TVs in India.

Following the debut last year, Acer Smart TVs witnessed a significant spike in sales as well as excellent reviews since it was the only smart TV that offered an entire bundle of great specifications mixed with reasonable cost.

Techstory covered an article about the of Acer H series Smart TVs where we have covered the launch as well as a short-term review.

Because it has been a while since the Smart TV was released, we believe that this is an excellent moment to share additional information about utilizing this Smart TV for extended periods. Here’s all we have in store for you:

Acer H Series Smart TV – Specification and Features

Acer H Series Smart TV - Specification and Features
Acer H Series Smart TV – Specification and Features
Image Credits: Indkal technologies Pvt Ltd

Before we get into the long-term review, let’s have a look at the specifications of this Smart TV. Acer H series smart TV is a 4K series TV, with the firm selling 4K panel displays at accessible prices in India.

The display characteristics that come with this TV are one of the key things that set it apart from the competition!

Considering the budget friendly price, this TV includes premium features such as Dolby Vision, HDR10+, and HLG compatibility. Also, you get the support of MEMC technology too.

Along with IFSE (Intelligent Frame Stabilization Engine), Acer Televisions has incorporated a specialized Micro Dimming function. This smart TV series has three distinct screen sizes: a smaller 43-inch model, a mid-sized 50-inch model, and a larger 55-inch model.

Acer appears to have made no compromises in terms of specifications with this TV. In this case, the TV will be powered by an integrated Mali G31 GPU along with a cortex ARM A55 CPU.

Acer has incorporated a dedicated RAM of up to 2GB capacity to ensure the smooth running of the TV, and you can also add apps, movies, and videos to this TV since it supports up to 16GB of internal storage.

To provide better connectivity options, the TV comes with a 3 set of HDMI 2.1 generation ports and a single USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 port.

What was the launched pricing for Acer H Series?

Acer H Series - Launch Price
Acer H Series – Launch Price

We may conclude from the specification that Acer did not compromise on any of the features. The performance of the TV in the Smart TV markets, particularly in the Indian Smart TV market, which has been largely cost-focused, is a hurdle.

Bringing such capabilities to a TV for less than Rs. 30,000 seemed unachievable, but it appears that Acer has done so with their Acer H series TV.

The 43-inch model is available for Rs. 27,999, followed by the 50-inch model, which is available for Rs. 33,999, and finally the top model with the 55-inch panel, which is available for Rs. 38,999.

This was all about the specification side and pricing side of this Smart TV lineup.

Acer H Series Smart TV – Long-Term Review 

There are certain things which we loved about this Smart TV, this includes:

  • Display,
  • Sound, 
  • Performance and Software

Starting with the display, as stated in the specifications, this TV is well-known for giving the greatest display features to its audience.

As previously stated, this display supports 178-degree viewing angles, posing a significant challenge to its competitors. Also, even though this is a low-cost TV, Acer has taken great care to provide a high-quality panel with proper color accuracy.

Now, talking about the sound. Acer is promising to offer its consumers the greatest audio experience possible It doesn’t matter if you’re watching cricket, a horror movie, or family entertainment. Acer has got you covered with many sound options that could be changed manually. The Smart TV is equipped with 60W speakers capable of producing high-quality audio.

Instead of average box speakers used by most brands, this TV comes with 2 high power speakers + 2 supporting tweeters housed inside it 20% larger speaker cavity delivering ample bass & a fantastic audio experience.

Last but not the least, we discovered that the performance and software features provided by this Smart TV H series are excellent.

Acer has chosen the most recent Android version, Android 11, which you will receive out of the box. There is also no bloatware or lagging on the operating system. Android 11 is quite fresh, given that Smart TVs often receive upgrades much slower than smartphones.