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Ads On News Site Use Almost 79% Of Users’ mobile Data: Enders

Mobile Data

30 March, 2016, USA: The internet has become the most active and fastest way of communication in today’s world. Everyday millions of websites are floated online and another millions go off air, since now these websites have become the preferred hunting grounds for internet freaks, the developers don’t want loose the opportunity of cashing on them. Web advertisements have become the part and parcel of the online business as they scale up the revenue of the company.

However, these ads might prove to be a lucrative business for the company but they are not so profitable for the users. According to the recent survey conducted by Enders, ads utilise almost 18 to 79 per cent of users’ mobile data, especially ads featuring on news sites.

This is the major reason why people are opting for ad blockers these days to save their data from unwanted ads. Shine, the company that provides that ad blocking technology, claims mobile ads use 10-50 per cent of user’s data plans. These stats were further backed up by Enders Analysis which claims that the data usage percentage can pile upto 79 in case of news sites.

The findings of the Enders revealed that ad content accounted for between 18 per cent and 79 per cent of the mobile data transferred, depending on the site. JavaScript elements often used by publishers for ads, but also for visual elements such as animations added an extra 6 per cent to 68 per cent. Enders noted that the JavaScript it came across in the study wasn’t central to the articles being loaded.

The researchers concluded that it is reasonable to say advertising accounts for half of all the data used by publisher pages loaded over mobile data networks.



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