7 Advantages of Using Salesforce as Your CRM System

Using Salesforce as Your CRM System

If you didn’t know already, it is highly recommended that all modern businesses implement a CRM system. For most, there is one simple stumbling block that halts them from proceeding with such a system: they don’t actually understand the functions and benefits of a CRM.

Trying to sum it up in a quick fashion, a CRM (which stands for customer relationship management) is the best way to take customer satisfaction to that next level. It is ideal for storing and updating customer info, and it’s also the best way to contact your customer-base. Plus, when you take into account the fact that customers are the most valuable asset for any company, it is important that you get such details right.

As a result, you need to get in a high-quality CRM system, and arguably one of the best on the market right now is Salesforce. Below you will find out the reasons as to why you should use the aforementioned Salesforce as your CRM system.

1. Boost the organization of customer info

The more knowledge and understanding you have of your customers, the better chance you have of providing them with a fruitful experience that will ultimately pay off for your business. While this is something that seems obvious, it is surprising just how many organizations fail to fully understand this point.

In terms of storing and organizing such info, a CRM like Salesforce is the perfect solution. Rather than using archaic methods such as post-it notes, filing cabinets and even a Rolodex, Salesforce allows you to keep all data in a convenient, organized place. A place that can be accessed at any time and any place due to the CRM being stored on the cloud.

2. Communication levels with customers are enhanced

Thanks to the previously mentioned aspect, communication with your customers is enhanced via using Salesforce.

Take this scenario into consideration. You have a client that has one specific employee as their main port of call. Whenever they have an enquiry, this employee will be there to provide them with an answer. One day, that employee is on holiday.

Now the client, despite building up a productive relationship over the years with this employee, has to interact with someone new in the same department. This means the ‘start fresh’ process has to begin, which is not something any customer (or employee) looks forward to doing.

This isn’t a concern with a CRM system in place. As all detailed information about a specific customer is in place – including any recent reports – this means that all employees can understand the quirks, issues and preferences of any client.

So regardless of who’s assisting the customer, each employee will be in the same position as they’re working from the same info.

3. Speed up interactions

If there is one thing that is more important than your time, it is your customer’s time.

So if they have encountered an issue, you will want to solve it as soon as possible – after all, you don’t want them to suffer an unhappy experience by waiting around for a resolution. Well with a Salesforce CRM system in place, you have a much better chance of getting the problem sorted ASAP.

This is because as soon as a customer contacts your business, you have the ability to pull up all info regarding their preferences, past purchases, and whatever other data that might help discover a solution.

4. Automate smaller tasks to save time

As for saving your own time, a CRM system is also really beneficial in that regard. As well as other points already mentioned, this is helped by being able to automate certain tasks. For example, the best CRM systems can carry out tasks such as sending out reports when needed, addressing legal issues, filling out forms, etc.

Thanks to this magical automation process, where those small details are taken care of by the CRM, it gives your employees more time to focus on more important tasks like closing leads and resolving issues.

5. Improved in-house efficiency

Think about it: with Salesforce, you have email communications, phone call details, and the like all stored in one convenient and accessible place. A place that, thanks to being stored on the cloud, allows all employees access whenever needed.

This of course will help to improve efficiency, but this positive point doesn’t stop there. As you have the opportunity for multiple teams to view the same info, it boosts the level of achievable progress.

For example, the marketing, customer service and sales departments can all join forces and work seamlessly together, using all of the data collected in an effort to boost that bottom line.

6. Integrate with other applications

While Salesforce is great at what it does in terms of being a reputable CRM system, it is not an all-encompassing business solution. So while it is the ideal place to store and use information about your customers, Salesforce is not going to organize your finances or make your website SEO friendly.

That is best left to other software platforms that are available. Yet, there is one positive thing to note – you can combine Salesforce with other applications. For example, it is possible for the Salesforce Connector to integrate with NetSuite OpenAir, ensuring that you receive the best of both worlds in an easy-to-use package.

7. Useful data and reporting to help with growth

If you are running a business, there should always be one thing on your mind: growth. While running a profitable company is one thing, you will still want to progress up the food chain in an effort to become bigger and better.

Well thanks to Salesforce (and integrated plugins or tools), it makes it easy to analyze your customer data and generate reports. With this knowledge, you have the opportunity to view performance reports and sales goals – the type of info that will show you where the business is going right/wrong, and what steps to take in the future to improve on the whole.

Image Source: salesforce.com