BMW Art Cars

AI is behind the creation of BMW’s new art cars

Innovation and novelty are the tag words of any business or organization that has managed to leave a lasting mark. In fact, it is the freshness and the innovative streak that keep the customers hooked to the product. The German automaker, BMW is known for its innovative approaches which have kept it in line with success and popularity, helping it to create an elite space of its own.

BMW Art Cars


Recently, BMW made news by announcing its upcoming car project. The announcement was made on the 50th anniversary of the BMW Group Cultural Engagement. And the special element of this new series will be art, and even more interesting is the fact that it uses artificial intelligence.

BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe

The latest series goes by the name BMW Series Gran Coupe. Artificial intelligence is used to paint the exteriors of cars, giving it an appearance similar to the vivid color palette of an artist. The premiere for this virtual art installation was held at the Frieze New York 2021.

BMW has always made efforts to masterfully blend arts and culture through a multitude of initiatives. The latest series by the company will be a combination of the past and the present with a tinge of future that blends together centuries-old art pieces with the rapidly developing artificial intelligence technology. This series is referred to be the “Ultimate AI Masterpiece” that will brilliantly infuse the best parts of over 50,000 artworks spanning over 900 years, enhancing the richness and class of the work. In addition to the artworks from the pages of the past, the software has also referred to 50 curated contemporary pieces. These are mainly from those artists with whom the brand has worked for the past fifty years. By blending in the best features and knowledge from both contemporary and classical art, the AI produces brilliant and novel ideas which can be beautifully mapped on the cars.

Projects like these bring forth the ‘art’ in artificial intelligence underscoring the fact that artificial intelligence is slowly becoming an effective medium of creative expression.

BMW Art Cars

According to Nathan Shipley, a creative technologist who was a part of this virtual art installation,

“AI is an emerging medium of creative expression. It’s a fascinating space where art meets algorithm.”

This new series will be the perfect blending point of art and technology. It will be enhanced with the latest technology and innovation from BMW, six or eight-cylinder BMW twin power turbo engines, in addition to the company’s four-door Gran Coupe Silhouette.