ALTBalaji announces metaverse game
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ALTBalaji announces metaverse game

ALTBalaji has announced a first-of-its-kind metaverse-based game based around its reality show Lock Upp. With this game, players can join the celebrity contestants on the show, explore the captive world of the Lock Upp metaverse and take an active role in the real and win prizes.

Lock Upp Game is India’s first virtual reality game based on a reality show, which will give players a chance to traverse through the world of the show virtually, attempt tasks and win real money. They have used technology to engage the audience more vividly and enjoy the show thoroughly by playing along. This is merely the start of their quest to discover new possibilities.

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Zulfiqar Khan, Group COO -ALTBalaji said, “We wanted to break boundaries, this is the first show that is solely born in the digital era and does not follow any format of shows that were previously available. We thought about how can we engage the audience, the way technology is growing, content consumption and content experience will move beyond one screen.”

Speaking about the game, Khan said, “It blends itself beautifully with the format and the set-up of the show, we wanted the audience to have an experience to actually be on the show. Content is lean back and watch, Metaverse is lean in and play, giving them a sense of connectivity to the show.”

“This is an initial stage, we are still experimenting with the possibilities in the space. With the development of Web 3.0, I think there will be a lot more to see in the coming future,” he said about the future of the Metaverse and the possibilities it brings.

The viewers can now soon traverse into the Lock Upp game universe and win real. Badass Jail Atyaachaari Khel will be streamed live on ALTBalaji and MX Player. There will be 13 popular celebrity contestants locked up in Kangana Ranaut’s jail. They will compete for the most basic amenities as they fight for the winner’s title.

Kangana Raunat
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The remaining super-controversial celebrity contestants will soon be revealed to the viewers who, as a first, can also interact with them and be a unique part of the show and even experience the show in the Lock Upp Metaverse.

The main aim for the players is to win the grand season prize by predicting contestant progress, completing game challenges, and exploring the metaverse. Apart from this, players can also win weekly prizes by winning contests.

There are also 13 in-game cards based on the 13 contestants, which players can own, buy, sell, and trade and earn points through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem.

An ecosystem, the Lock Upp metaverse, allows players to be a part of the game and allows them to be a part of the reality show. With Lock Upp Keys, viewers get to unlock some fascinating and unique features