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Amazon launches Alexa Skill Blueprints in India to encourage Alexa Skill Development

Amazon Alexa

08 May 2019, India:

Amazon has launched Amazon Skill Blueprints to encourage the Amazon Skill development. This will enable users to publish their skills created using Alexa Skill Blueprints to the India Alexa Skills Store.

Skills are like apps for Alexa. Using Skill Blueprints, users can use over 30 templates to create their own personal Alexa skill.

Dilip R.S., Country Manager for Alexa Skills, Amazon India, said, “With today’s announcement, we are excited to launch four new Skill Blueprints built specifically for content creators, bloggers, and organizations, so they can reach anyone with an Alexa-enabled device – with no coding required.”

Dilip R.S., added, “Being able to publish a blueprint skill allows customers and content creators to share their passions, creativity, and interests with anyone even though they may not have a technical background.”

The new Skill Blueprints built specifically for content creators, bloggers, and organizations:

• Content creators will be able to use the new Flash Briefing blueprint to publish and share their latest updates on the Alexa Skills Store. Customers will be able to add the content into their Flash Briefing just as they do for other Flash Briefing skills.

• Bloggers who use WordPress can deliver their posts as audio through Alexa with the Blog blueprint.

• Universities and religious organizations can use the new University and Spiritual Talks blueprints to make their live and recorded audio content accessible on Alexa-enabled devices.

In addition to the new templates, users can use the existing blueprints to publish skills for a variety of customizable scenarios.

Customers can create a personal skill for just their household, share one with friends and family, or publish their blueprint skill to the Alexa Skills Store.

(Source – Amazon)



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