Apple iPhone 12 selling on massive discounts in Amazon
Apple iPhone 12 selling on massive discounts in Amazon

Amazon offering great deal on Apple iPhone 12
You can buy the new Apple iPhone 12 smartphone for a massive discount in Amazon India:

Apple iPhone 12 selling on massive discounts in Amazon
Apple iPhone 12 selling on massive discounts on Amazon

How about buying a new Apple iPhone flagship now? E-commerce giant Amazon India has covered you by bringing the new Apple iPhone 12 series at a discounted pricing on their platform. Talking more about the discounts, this new Apple iPhone 12 series receives a massive deal which for the first time brings the pricing of this smartphone to the lowest. Let’s now take a deep look into the new offering of this Apple iPhone 12 series on Amazon

Apple iPhone 12 discounted on Amazon India 

Talking more about this Apple iPhone 12 smartphone, Amazon India is providing discounts of up to 24% and the pricing for this smartphone has now been reduced further from its sold pricing.

Besides this massive discount, Amazon India is also providing many such offers for us. This includes providing no-cost EMI and also better exchange offers. Talking about the EMI options, Amazon India is providing a No-Cost EMI as low as Rs. 8,317 per month for six months. This EMI has been calculated for the 64GB storage variant which will be sold for a price of Rs. 49,900.

Talking about the exchange deals, this Apple iPhone 12 series can be exchanged through Amazon India’s exchange offer where Amazon promises a discount of up to Rs. 14,050 which will be reducing the pricing for the 64GB variant down to Rs. 35,850. To see the eligible pricing for the exchange, you can just enter the IMEI number of your smartphone.

Should you consider buying Apple iPhone 12 in 2022?

Even the new Apple iPhone 14 series was launched which makes this iPhone 12 series a two-generation older smartphone. Although this smartphone is older in two-generation but still if we look at the performance and wonderful photographic capabilities it got, we would say that this flagship by Apple is also a great choice for you to go for 2022.

This iPhone is also among the first iPhone models which were shipped with an OLED panel, which was a major step taken by Apple because until Apple iPhone 11 we got to see LCD panels. This flagship is capable enough to compete with other budget flagship smartphones coming from OnePlus and even Samsung.

The smartphone was launched way back in October 2020 and then the Apple iPhone 13 series with the Apple iPhone 14 series was launched later. However, with these new models, Apple had to reduce the pricing of its previous models which is a good sign for users who are having a lower budget but also want to move to the so-called “Apple Ecosystem”.