Amazon US promises to give over $5M to help India battle COVID-19


The second wave of the Corona Virus has shown the country pretty terrible days. The country is seen struggling with a big problem of healthcare infrastructure and crisis due to the second wave of COVID-19. A lot of companies including all types- big and small, local and international, have sent the amount of help convenient by them.

Just like the other companies, the e-commerce giant- Amazon US has also pledged to send help in the form of medical supplies and oxygen concentrators worth $5 million to support hospitals, governmental and non-governmental organizations, clinics and other COVID care facilities across the entire nation.

As a part of the help offered by Amazon, many critical life-saving medical equipment, which include 1,238 BiPAP machines, 82 anaesthesia ventilators and 60 ventilators, have already landed in India and are now on the move to be provided to the hospitals and other facilities.

As per the company’s statement, these life-saving medical supplies will be distributes among the Amazon’s on-ground community partners like the American India Foundation, ACT Grants, and Swasth, who will then further distribute the supplies to verified hospitals and COVID care facilities and other organizations. They will also ensure that the supplies reach where they are needed the most

Along with providing the medical supplies, the e-commerce giant is also providing transportation services to the American non-profit organisation, India Association of Western Washington and also supporting the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation and other US non-profit organisations to help bring in the medical supplies to India.

Amazon has become a part of the US Chamber of Commerce’s Global Task Force to help India fight against COVID-19.

Amit Agarwal, the Global SVP and Country Head at Amazon India, in a statement said- “This is a severely difficult time for all of us in India. It is reassuring to see the business community come together to help the nation. Together with USIBC (US-India Business Council), we are working with NITI Aayog and MoHFW to identify hospitals in the most urgent need and enable the distribution of these ventilators to them across India.”

The consumer demand and the shortage of critical medical equipment is going hand-in-hand and has been seen ever growing. To address this issue, Amazon India said that it is also working along with their sellers on its marketplace so that they can bring in another 9,000 oxygen concentrators for the customers in India.

The first batch from the 9,000 oxygen concentrators from which around 1,000 concentrators have already been landed in India. These are now available for purchase for customers and business customers. The other equipment are expected to arrive in the second half of the month.