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AMC CEO’s excitement at the overwhelming responses to his Twitter poll met with another set of hilarious replies from Twitterati.

Adam Aron

Adam Aron

AMC CEO, Adam Aron is caught in a wave of excitement at the overwhelming responses to his Twitter poll. The excitement increased twofold with the post gaining a “like” from none other than Elon Musk. And with another reply from Mark Cuban on yet another Dogecoin tweet, the AMC CEO is on cloud nine. The excitement is not hidden at all and is very much evident in his Twitter post.

Excitement over a Twitter “like” might be a bit too much. But let’s face it, Elon Musk liking a post is not something small (despite the fact that Musk himself has said that he doesn’t involve too many brain cells while using Twitter). Perhaps, this will act as a good catalyst for AMC to embrace DOGE along with the rest.


Not so long ago, AMC’s CEO announced that the company will begin accepting Ether, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litcoin for ticket purchases. Although Dogecoin was not a part of this list, the later responses to a Twitter poll imply that the crypto community is more than enthusiastic about Dogecoin being added to the list. The Twitter poll was conducted to discern the opinion of users about adding Dogecoin to the list. Not so surprisingly the poll resulted in rather overwhelming and positive responses with about 68 percent ready to use Dogecoin for payments. Another highlight was the fact Elon Musk also liked the post adding to the overall intrigue. Musk’s interest in Dogecoin is no secret. The very fact that a single tweet from Musk can change the whole demographic of the crypto domain underscores the importance held by this single human in the crypto domain. Thus, we cannot really blame Adam Aron for getting so excited about the response. From his response, it is very much evident that he is ecstatic about the whole poll. In fact, the Twitter poll was his most engaged with Tweet. That should speak volumes about the prominence of DOGE within the crypto community.

Following the poll results, Adam Adrian stated that the company is working towards adopting Dogecoin. After being the “highest-ever read tweet” must account for something. 4.2 million views in just 24 hours is an achievement indeed and worthy of notice.

Responses on Twitter

As Adam Adrian shared his elation through his Twitter post, Twitterati found something of a comic element in it. And in a flash, hilarious responses started flooding Twitter. When it comes to Twitter town, the slightest movement in the direction of humor can kick start a chain reaction of responses mostly on the humorous side. Let us take a look.

Now that is a rather confusing question.

That was the word we all were searching for? (why not fanboying? just asking )




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