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An AI tool that lets you animate your ancestors

Deep Nostalgia

Curiosity is second nature to human beings. We are equally intrigued by the past and the future. While the rapidly changing pictures of the future are easier to discern, the set pictures of the past often present a level of rigidity. However, artificial intelligence, while helping humans build a brilliant future, can also help uncover mysteries of the past.

If you are someone curious about what your grandparents looked like, particularly when moved by emotions, your curiosity is soon to be rewarded, thanks to artificial intelligence. Animating your ancestors will now be a piece of cake, and your nostalgia will attain a vague touch of reality.

Deep Nostalgia

Ancestry site MyHeritage has come up with an interesting deepfake tool that can facilitate the animation of expressions. And quite aptly, the tool is called by the name Deep Nostalgia.

The tool can be easily accessed from the brand’s website. It adds expressions with movement to photos taken from a template of facial movements that are pre-recorded. After this, it chooses the best expression which will fit the photo that is uploaded. The added advantage of the tool is that it is absolutely free, which can prove to of substantial help in the marketing of the tool. An interesting feature that tweaks around the curious nerve is sure to attract people and churn up their interest. And if it’s free of cost, the marketing possibilities touch the next level.

The tool is not just limited to your ancestors and family photos. It can be applied to figures of historical importance as well. Perhaps, with Deep Nostalgia the historical figures won’t be too serious and grave to look at after all.

Privacy Issues

One of the major challenges when it comes to deepfakes is the privacy issue. Particularly in a context where privacy and security are gaining momentum, using deepfake tools might entail inhibitions on the part of the users. However, MyHeritage assures user safety and security by ensuring that any photo uploaded on the website is deleted. Added to this is the fact that the tool works only with faces and emotions. And the maximum number of images that can be uploaded using the tool is five. Therefore, the privacy factor is taken care of and you can use the tool with the guarantee that your privacy and security won’t be violated.






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