An Australian couple spent $10.5M sent by mistake by 
An Australian couple spent $10.5M sent by mistake by 

An Australian couple spent $10.5M sent by mistake by 

A crypto enthusiast couple in Australia did something unimaginable with the funds they received by mistake from the crypto platform One cryptocurrency trader in Australia was able to receive funds of approximately $10.5M by mistake from the global cryptocurrency exchange platform

Who received the wrongly transcend funds from

The cryptocurrency platform made a transaction by mistake of approximately $10.5M in May 2021 to Thevamanogari Manivel. Thevamanogari Manivel Who is an Australian citizen and was expected to receive the $100 funds in a transaction from was by mistake able to receive $10.5M.

After receiving these funds Thevamanogari Manivel with her partner Jatinder Singh spent all these funds on all the lavish things they wanted to have in their life instead of telling the crypto platform the mistaken transaction occurred in their account.

Cryptocurrency platform took 7 months to recover these misplaced transactions and now Manivel along with Singh is facing trial in Australian Court from the Crypto platform. It is said that if convicted this family will face jail of approximately 20 years in Australian prisons. The executives of mentioned that the person who was transacting these funds had by mistake entered the wrong figure in the payment field.

An Australian couple spent $10.5M sent by mistake by 
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The couples spent these funds on purchasing lavish properties in Australia. According to the reports from a news website, Daily Mail Manivel and Singh have been able to purchase a total of four properties with these funds along with that they also purchased a $1.2 million house in Melbourne city. Also put approximately $56,000 in the form of a deposit for purchasing another house. The couple gave approximately $1 million to their three daughters after receiving these funds by mistake from

The Australian couple also spent approximately $70,000 on purchasing a new car for their children along with paying a debt of one of their friends which were approximately $1.2 million. Along with this purchase, they also spent a huge amount of money on purchasing furniture items, luxury, and art products from this mistakenly received funds.

 according to the news report of the daily mail, after the case filing Manivel was caught at Melbourne airport along with a huge amount of cash and luggage along with one Way Ticket to Malaysia. Manivel Singh was a Crypto trader and he was having approximately $50,000 in the form of cryptocurrency assets on After the filing of the case, Singh claimed he won these funds from and that this was not a misplaced transaction.