Apple iPhone 12 Mini under Rs. 20,000 for Flipkart Sale 2023
Apple iPhone 12 Mini under Rs. 20,000 for Flipkart Sale 2023 Image Credits: Apple

Apple iPhone 12 Mini under Rs. 20,000 for Flipkart Sale 2023
The new Apple iPhone 12 Mini cna be purchased for as low as Rs. 20,000 via Flipkart

Flipkart has announced their sale for the Republic Day occasion and now we have an eye-catching discount for Apple iPhone 12 Mini where you can get this flagship phone for as low as pricing going below Rs. 20,000.

So, how does it sound to get a new Apple iPhone with a notch display and a great set of cameras, and a powerful chipset for a price of as low as Rs. 20,000? Here we have got you covered with everything you need to know:

Buy the new Apple iPhone 12 Mini for as low as Rs. 20,000

The purchase of a new Apple iPhone 12 Mini seems intriguing. The information on how to purchase this iPhone 12 Mini smartphone for as little as Rs. 20,000 is provided below.

According to sources, India’s largest online retailer, Flipkart, has been delivering the greatest deals possible on discounts, bank incentives, and exchange offers as well.

If you choose the basic model, the smartphone has been offered for a high price of Rs. 59,900 and comes with 64GB of storage. In contrast, during the sale, you can purchase this phone for Rs. 39,9999, which is a larger savings of 33%.

How can you get additional Apple iPhone 12 Mini discounts? It is stated that you would receive an additional phone exchange for which Flipkart is offering a trade-in offer of up to Rs. 20,000.

As a result, the price will be reduced to Rs. 19,999. However, the specific phone you are selling, its mode, as well as its condition, will affect the final worth of the Apple iPhone 12 Mini.

Along with the exchange reductions, you will also receive additional bank savings. If you’ve been wondering what the new Apple iPhone 12 Mini features are, read on. The feature information is then provided for you here.

What does Apple iPhone 12 Mini feature?

A new Super Retina XDR panel, which is the same as the displays used in the iPhone 12 models, is also included in this smartphone, which has a larger screen size of up to 5.4 inches. The smartphone’s power will come from at least an A14 Bionic CPU and a dual camera arrangement on the back.

Apple introduced this model to give its customers improved performance, power, and camera quality images. And the finest feature of this phone compared to the previous iPhone 11 series is that it supports 5G.

Therefore, if you chance to live in an area where 5G services are available, you will be able to use this new smartphone to access the new 5G services.