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Apple Music is available on Google assistant smart speakers

Till now, Apple Music wasn’t available on Google assistant smart speakers, but now it finally is. Now all google smart speakers and smart displays will have the full support of Apple Music. Google confirmed this news in a blog where it listed out some of the google and third party devices to support Apple’s music platform. It is great news for users who have all their library’s in Apple’s music app and take the company’s subscription.

Apple Music is now compatible with Google assistant.

Earlier, if someone has a Google smart speaker or smart display, then they had to use Bluetooth. But now, any user can directly link their Apple id with the google assistant and play music over voice commands. In order to do that, one needs to set Apple’s music id as their primary account on the device. This is very important because the sole purpose of using a smart speaker is to go hands-free.

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The support of Apple’s Music app also opens up a lot of possibilities for the use of Google’s smart features. For example, now one can use Apple music with all smart speakers in their homes at once. Or listen to one’s favorite playlist by just asking Google to play it. This will also increase Apple’s music subscribers of the company because now someone doesn’t need to have two separate accounts to listen to music on their smart speakers and smartphones.

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