Apple Inc.
Source: TechCrunch

Apple postpones the reopening and is giving every employee $1,000 bonus


According to a letter delivered to employees on Wednesday by Apple CEO Tim Cook, the deadline for corporate employees to return to work has been postponed indefinitely. The Verge got a copy of the letter, which stated that the company’s return to work date was “still to be defined” and that all employees should get the coronavirus vaccine and booster.

“Our offices remain open, and many of our employees, including our teams in Greater China and abroad, come in on a regular basis,” Cook stated. “As we look forward to reuniting more of our teams, we will continue to make judgments based on local conditions and will contact you at least four weeks before the pilot begins.”

Cook also announced on Wednesday that all Apple employees would receive a $1,000 bonus. Cook stated, “These money are intended to assist you with your home workstation and may be spent as you see fit.” According to The Verge, Apple spokesperson Nick Leahy confirmed the $1,000 incentive and stated that it will be given to all Apple employees, including retail staff.

The $1,000 will come in Apple employees’ next paychecks, subject to tax and withholding, according to an internal memo. “Keep in mind that you’ll be taking your Apple-owned equipment back to the workplace when you return, so think about what you’ll want for your home workspace,” the letter says.

The delay arises when the number of COVID-19 patients rises and the omicron version spreads. Workers were supposed to return to work on February 1st as part of a hybrid work test programme that was revealed internally in November. That had already been postponed, and this isn’t the first time Apple has announced a postponement due to a pandemic; the company has previously adjusted its pandemic-related return-to-office plans.

In response to rising COVID-19 infections, Apple closed three retail shops this week. It began asking customers to wear masks inside its retail locations on Tuesday.

In the letter, Cook expressed his gratitude to employees for their adaptability and perseverance. “You continue to demonstrate how much we can do when we approach our difficulties with courage, ingenuity, and, most importantly, collaboration.”