Apple working on massive 15-inch iPad
Apple working on massive 15-inch iPad Image Credits: TomsGuide

Apple working on massive 15-inch iPad to rival Amazon Echo Show 15
Apple is working on a 15-inch iPad to compete with Amazon's Echo Show, read out to know more:

Apple working on massive 15-inch iPad
Apple working on massive 15-inch iPad
Image Credits: TomsGuide

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claims that Apple is working on a bigger iPad Pro, which is part of wish fulfillment and half follow-up from a prior story.

And he thinks Apple can make a major breakthrough in the smart home display market, which is presently dominated by Amazon’s Echo Show and Google’s Nest Hubs.

“I’m informed that Apple has engineers and designers researching bigger iPads that may hit shops a couple of years down the road at the earliest,” Gurman revealed in June.

Apple’s new 15-inch iPad

So, what exactly is the present story? Gurman examines how Apple might be a great competitor to emerging gadgets like the Echo Show 15 in his Power On newsletter. In our assessment of the Echo Show 15, we praised the device’s ability to be wall-mounted, as well as its huge display with handy widgets and Visual ID function for displaying individualized content for various family members.

The Echo Show 15 isn’t ideal, though, since it has subpar audio and poor image quality. Gurman anticipates a 15-inch iPad that is slimmer than the Echo Show 15 and has more powerful speakers. Apple might potentially introduce a software layer dubbed Home mode to iPadOS, which would make controlling the finest smart home gadgets and doing other chores easier.

Other benefits of the forthcoming large-screen iPad over the Echo Show 15 are believed to include a quicker CPU and more powerful cameras. A 15-inch or bigger iPad may also serve as a laptop replacement if you could take it with you.

There are a few of cautions that Gurman outlines here. The first is cost, with the iPad Pro 12.9-inch beginning at $1,099. As a result, a 15-inch model might be significantly more costly. The second disadvantage is that Siri still trails Alexa and Google Assistant in terms of query comprehension, speed, and general capabilities.

Even if a larger-screen iPad isn’t arriving next year, it’s exciting to imagine what Apple could accomplish with one. Meanwhile, check out our top tablets list to see what’s worth getting right now, as well as our Apple in 2022 guide to see what we may anticipate.


As of now, there are very few updates on what Apple has been working on exactly towards rivaling Amazon Echo Show 15 similar gadgets. However, watching an Apple iPad competing against Amazon Echo Show 15 would be bringing massive competition in the industry. Let’s wait and see what Apple will do.


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