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Apple’s New Apple Watch’s Redesigned With Wrap Around Display, Here Is What You Should Know
A large redesign of an Apple Watch, which might have an edge face, is being implemented in the latest edition. However, Apple would not only consider the smartwatch patent, but the technology can also be integrated into TV.

The gadget has been one of the most successful products in the industry since the Cupertino giant introduced the Apple Watch. The brand has introduced several versions of various updates since its initial series of the Apple Watch. However, Apple did not modify the physical configuration of the watch. The company is now playing with other prototypes, including a rotating dial, as per a recent patent filing, and is waiting for modular displays.

New Design For Apple Watch

New Design For Apple Watch

New Design For Apple Watch

The patent is known as “Display Module and System Applications” is intended to include a spherical Apple Watch with a versatile display module. Recently, the patent was filed with the US Patent and Marks Office (USPTO) and it displays some new concept drawings.

Flexible Display Circular Dial

The Apple Watch now has a rotating dial that stretches from the dial to the watch band effortlessly. And so is Apple’s definition in the patent.

The Giant Cupertino states in the patent document that the watch will pack a flexible display that spans from the watch dial and transforms it into a futuristic design with a compatible watch band. The firm also notes that the display panel is compact enough to wrap the user’s handles with little inconvenience.

“The display area has an assortment of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) attached electrically to the interconnected multitude, with the back surface of the display substrate having one or more driver circuits. Wearable, rollable and foldable screens provide exemplary device implementations,” reveals the patent.

The patent notes that an OLED panel may become susceptible without a protective glass cover to air and humidity degradation. Nevertheless, any OLED display technology can solve the specific problem of the current concept.

The patent also states that Apple plans to remove the Apple Watch almost bezel-less, or that it will completely get rid of the bezel. Whatever the situation, the improvement for consumers would be welcome.

Customizable Digital Apple Watch Bands

Digital Watch Apple Bands

Digital Watch Apple Bands

In addition, the latest modular monitor expands to configure the watch ranges according to the requirements. This means you can use an Apple Watch program or the unit itself to set a digital watch band to suit your style. The expanded displays on the Watchband would then demonstrate these designs. Very special design!

Digital Crown Improved In Apple Watch

The signature Digital Crown of Apple Watch is not listed or outlined in the patent filing, However, Apple applied for the separate patent in compliance with reports entitled “Capacitive gap sensor ring for an input system. “ The company mentioned in this patent how the Digital Crown can fill certain “nesting” capacitive rings to obtain more details.

There are currently no Apple products available on the market with versatile displays. The organization would not even consider launching anything like this anytime soon, according to our supposed launch timetable.

Yet you never realize that you go into the future. We already know that AR / VR headsets will be launched in 2022, while AR Glasses will be launched in 2025. Today, in the coming years, we must see when Apple releases the revamped Apple Watch.

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