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After Microsoft, Now Intel Is Mocking Apple M1 Mac For Everything it Lacks

Apple declared the launch of Apple M1 chipset last year that powers the fresh line of Apple MacBooks and Mac mini – therefore, going from Intel CPUs after nearly 15 years of collaboration. As expected, Apple is promoting all the features that its M1-powered Macs can operate in the need of Intel Core CPUs, especially at the battery front. 

Though, Intel, in turn, is now challenging the Cupertino-based tech company that its premium Macs lack compared to different Intel-powered PCs and notebooks in the market.

Intel’s newest jibe comes weeks after Microsoft issued an advert challenging Apple Macs for demanding touch help and also for the price tag the notebooks come with. 

Intel is covering a social media drive within multiple posters that poke fun at Apple Mac models. 

The new drive has been running on Twitter and other social media websites alleging that there are some tasks that only Intel-powered computers can do. In one of the latest ads, Intel says that “only a PC offers tablet mode, touch screen and stylus capabilities in a single device,” which is related to something Microsoft did in the Surface ad. In different campaigns, Intel suggests that Apple Macs are not ideal for engineers and gamers, hence one should “#GoPC.”

The firm even highlights “if you can launch Rocket League, you’re not on a Mac,” since the game was stopped for macOS last year. Additionally, Intel has also partnered with YouTuber Jon Rettinger where he looks out the benefits of having a daily laptop rather than an M1-powered MacBook. The video exhibitions highlight things such as USB ports, touchscreen, and eGPU support.

Intel also published its benchmark addition earlier last week that examined the Apple M1 chipset and its new 11th-generation Intel Core i7 processor (Core i7-1185G7). 

Both chips were supported with 16GB of RAM as the CPU test. In terms of battery, Intel’s slides revealed that the Apple MacBook Pro with an M1 chip and 16GB RAM allows up to 10 hours and 12 minutes of Netflix stream + tabs on Safari Browser with 250 nits of brightness. An Acer Swift 5, powered by an Intel Core i7 (11th Generation), on the other hand, directed to provide 10 hours and six minutes of Netflix stream + tabs on Google Chrome browser with 250 nits of brightness. It is necessary to note here that Google Chrome takes up more battery than Safari.



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