Are Car Offices a Viable Solution to Work Remotely?

Technology has changed the way we do things, and this has become more visible with remote work. Many people now prefer to work from anywhere.

If COVID 19 has taught us anything, it’s how fast we can change the way we interact and get our jobs done. 

I can’t see remote working overtaking conventional office settings; however, the era of remote working is taking the idea up a notch. 

With the advancement of innovation in the automotive sector, car offices are a visible future trend in remote work; people like the possibility to continue working while travelling or getting to the office. As a result, many workers now use their autonomous cars as a mobile office.

What is a car office?

The car office is a mobile workspace that houses all gadgets to operate as a conventional office setting. Many cars have been designed with enough space to be easily converted into a car office.

An autonomous vehicle office may host meetings, allow telecommuting, hold company finance, and so on. 

Automobile manufacturers respond to the opportunity presented by in-vehicle technology, which is meant to maximize time spent in the car.

As automation advances and in-car systems assume more responsibility for vehicle safety, there will inevitably be more opportunities for drivers to engage in other activities while on-the-go.

Activities such as using the car as a mobile office, setting up a tablet computer, making phone calls, and getting work done, rather than simply sitting in traffic or concentrating on monotonous highway driving.

Why autonomous vehicles might open the door to a new on-the-go office setting

When it comes to the potential of autonomous vehicles, the benefits are immense. 

A car with artificial intelligence can perceive its surroundings and function without human intervention, allowing riders to focus on other essential tasks. 

The future of autonomous vehicles already seems irreversible and very close; so take your hands off the wheel, concentrate on office work, and enjoy the ride to your holiday home.

The vehicle’s geospatial capabilities mean that it can generate and maintain a map of its surroundings in real-time, owing to embedded sensors linked to various automobile sections. 

With the Radar sensor, self-driving cars can monitor the positions of other vehicles and maintain a safe distance between them. 

The car’s connected cameras are useful for detecting traffic lights and automatically adjusting to them. Actually it seems that these cars are switching towards pure vision driving as told by Tesla’s increase of autopilot speed.

Tools Your Car could use to be converted Into a High-Powered Mobile Office

It is simple to convert your autonomous vehicle into a mobile office to increase productivity. Here are seven necessary tools for a car office.

1. WiFi hotspot

A WiFi hotspot is an important tool for a mobile office. Many newer car models have a built-in WiFi hotspot that you can tap into when working from your vehicle. 

Consult your vehicle’s owner manual if you need help connecting your laptop to the hotspot. With older car models, though, you’ll likely have to turn your  smartphone into a hotspot so your laptop can access the web. You could also use an app like WiFi Finder to find nearby hotspots.

2. Laptop desk

A laptop desk is another important accessory for your mobile office. Some anchor to the car’s steering wheel, while others anchor to the back of the front seat.

3. A Laptop

Suppose you’re using a laptop in the cramped confines of your car; compact is the key. Computers like Lenovo have been designing laptops specifically for road warriors for decades now, making them light, rugged, repairable, and rock-solid.

4. Power inverter

Quite a few modern vehicles have a built-in power port for you to use when working from your car. 

If your car doesn’t have one, buy a high-quality power inverter as this gadget will help power your laptop and any other electronic devices you need for your job tasks.

5. In-car speakerphone

If your vehicle has a reliable Bluetooth system you can use for making phone calls, feel free to leverage it when you’re working from your car. 

But if you need a bit more sound clarity and noise cancellation, getting an in-car speakerphone is recommended.

6. Cloud-based phone system

A cloud phone system and a VoIP phone service are crucial communication tools to help people communicate with clients and colleagues from a wide contact list, while safely storing all the information.

Thanks to the benefits of a cloud phone system and the mobile access it provides, ‘the office’ is now wherever employees are located — at home, at a customer’s business site, or even in the car.

7. Mobile printer

If your job requires frequent use of a printer, invest in a mobile printer for your vehicle. Place the printer in the passenger seat or backseat for easy access. Just avoid leaving it in your vehicle for prolonged periods when the weather is hot to help preserve its condition.

If you’re serious about working in your car, we recommend investing in a mobile printer. While most individuals can wait until they return home or back to the office to print, a mobile printer is excellent if you need to print documents on the move. It enables you to conduct low-volume printing directly in your vehicle.

Is there a future for Car offices?

We are witnessing the fundamental shift to move away from personally owned, driver-driven vehicles. 

The new era is advancing toward a future mobility system centered around autonomous vehicles that may also be used as offices. Business leaders need to adapt to this remote working model if they want to stay competitive in the future.

The technology that enables us to work in autonomous vehicles became a reality thanks to IoT, virtual reality, machine learning, 5G, and in-vehicle service apps. 

Connected devices will become more innovative and increase in variety. They’ll include video and music streaming, e-commerce shopping, social media, and smart office integration.