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Are iPhones set to get more ads soon?
Reportedly, these would mostly to Maps, Podcasts and Books apps on iPhones.

Image depicting iPhones
iPhones are reportedly set to get more ads soon on Maps, Podcasts and Books.
Source: The Times of India

Reports specify how Apple Inc could soon introduce advertisements to an added number of apps which are pre-installed on its various devices such as the iPhone, mainly Apple Maps, Podcasts and Books. As specified, the tech giant has conducted internal tests of these search ads for Maps, showing recommendations for display when someone looks for shops, eateries, along with other businesses. Along with this, Books and Podcasts could soon get them too.

According to reporters, this addition could enable publishers to put ads in places within every application, or pay in order to have their ads set higher in the search results. As of now, all of the three apps set to get these are free of ads. Though the App Store already possesses advertisements on Search, the tech giant could expectantly expand them to the ‘Today’ and downloaded tabs. Moreover, other reports specified how ads on ‘Today’ could come as bigger cards with the specification ‘Ad’ on it, and ads on apps’ tab would come coloured at the ‘You Might Also Like’ part.

Apple’s further expansion of its ad business:

Reportedly, these could even join Apple TV Plus, as the iPhone maker choose to introduce a cheaper, ad-supported tier like Netflix and Disney+. Initially, Apple came up with the App Store ads in the year 2016, along with currently showing apps on its pre-installed News and Stocks apps. In September 2021, Apple initiated asking customers if they wanted personalised ads coming on apps. This went on to cause huge losses to various social media outlets such as Meta’s apps.

Apple started asking users this in partnerships with its ATT policy- App Tracking Transparency. This mainly provides customers the choice to disable means of monitoring that advertisers utilise to show personalised advertisements. Clearly, this added to total development of the company’s ad business as many others were suffering the inability to place ads for iPhone users.

The tech giant’s step to come up with added ad provisions on the App Store, moreover on the three new application, possibly indicates Apple’s hunt for the expansion of this part of its business. About three month ago, reports showed how the senior vice president of services at Apple, Eddy Cue is apparently plotting the total restructuring of the company’s service sector. This is mainly to gather attraction to ads and video streaming. In the previous quarter, this sector of the company saw a rise of 12%.