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Australia’s Biggest EV Shipment: 1,500 Tesla Model 3s
Australia being tough with it's EV imports, somehow prefers Tesla.

Most EV makers have difficulty entering the Australian market. However, Tesla is getting ahead as the 1500 Tesla Model 3s were shipped last month. Biggest shipment in Australia.

Interest in electric vehicles is soaring in Australia with arrival of |  EVANNEX Aftermarket Tesla Accessories

This is a crucial step because Tesla has been successful with solar power packs and solar roof installation. And more than 3,000 Australian homes have Tesla Powerwall. However, despite Tesla entering the Australian market in 2019, the biggest shipment was made in 2021.

Slow growth

For years now, the Australian government downplayed the electric vehicle segment. Their hostile policies hold the EV imports or manufacturing. Back in 2019 itself, the government criticized EVs, and thus the hybrid models are largely encouraged in the country. And two years ago the country sold 182 electric cars less than the present 6,900 EVs sold in 2021.

Only 0.7% of cars sold are EVs where most of them are now Tesla Model 3’s.  While other countries in Europe have 10% growth. Russia is also among the ones not have any progress towards EV sales. But in recent times the Russian government has been pushing its policies and other areas towards EVs.

Despite other automakers failing to enter the market. Tesla Australia has been going slow, but steady with their biggest shipment last month.

However, it is said that 54% of people are ready to buy electric vehicles. Australian drivers conveyed their interest in electric vehicles. But the government is being a handbrake. Which is different from how car owners preferred hybrid models in 2019.

However, Tesla being the one to have the biggest shipment is more than a small achievement for the company.

The shipment

Furthermore, the shipment arrived at Port Kembla in Australia. Also, the massive fleet can be seen in the video posted by @HenLuva. All of them being EVs, it is not only beneficial for Tesla but also for Australia’s EV market.

Despite the government having strong policies with EV imports, the demand increase. And also need to shit to electric vehicles is to increase in coming days. It is considered more like a challenge for EV makers to enter the market.

As said by Tony Weber, an FCAI chief executive, “Despite the best efforts of the industry, the decrease in sales continues. It is well known that Australia is one of the most competitive markets in the world. And with the current economic environment, it is also one of the most difficult markets in the world.”

Such kind of record-breaking shipment enables other EV-making companies to enter Australia.




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