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Adersh Unni Krishnan

Apple Spring Loaded 2021 Event - Live Blog Updates
Forthcoming iPhone 13 To Come With Smaller Notch, Says Leaked Images
Xiaomi Reports Sale Of 30,000 Units Mi Mix Fold Smartphone In A Minute With Its First Sale
This Humanoid Robot Learned By Itself To Walk With The Help Of AI & Reinforcement Learning.
Samsung To Launch Samsung Galaxy Z Tab, New Tri-Foldable Tablet In Q1 Of 2022
FunKey S Launched – A New KeyChain Sized Gameboy Style Mixed With Retro Gaming Experience Gaming Console

Adersh Unni Krishnan


Adersh is a tech freaky person who loves to explore the world of tech and share all the latest happenings of tech with his writings to the world. Besides, just writing and exploring the world of tech, he also finds himself traveling around the states.

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