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Battlefield 2042 tech trailer shows off Ray Tracing

NVIDIA has released a new Battlefield 2042 trailer that takes viewers through the technology of EA “new game. It’s great news when it’s revealed that the game will take game fans into a futuristic world, and the trailer introduces players to new elements such as robots and dogs. As the new trailer makes clear, NVIDIA has assured that the definitive version of the Battlefield 2042 experience will feature beam tracking, environmental exclusion beam tracking, and precise NVIDIA DLSS for smooth and smooth ray tracking visuals on GeForce RTX-based PCs.

Battlefield 2042

Credit @ EA

The latest look at Battlefield 2042 and its demonstration of the first-person shooter running on a PC with Nvidia DLSS and Ray Tracing enabled, reducing system latency. The video game is supported by NVIDIA DLSS, Nvidia Reflex, and ray-tracing and as you can see in the 30 seconds below the new Battlefield 2042 Tech Trailer shows how the personal computers come to you with high-finish Nvidia cards accompanied by the latter in search of considerable frame dips. EA, the technology company behind the PC version of Nvidia, has revealed that the game will use both DLSS and Reflex to ensure frame rate and latency are not a problem.

EA and DICE have unveiled the so-called Battlefield 6, which will have 128 players, seven cards, and several new modes. When Battlefield 2042 hits the market in a few weeks, PC gamers will be able to run the game with NVIDIA’s selection of gaming features, including DLSS and Nvidia Reflex Light Ray Tracing. A low-end RTX GPU like the latest generation 2070 or the current 3060 Ti in Battlefield 2042 with built-in DLSS and AI-based upscaling techniques that scan the game in 4K resolution will suffer a serious performance blow.

Battlefield is one of those franchises that serve as a benchmark for some of the best PC games in terms of visual fidelity and raw performance. The rendezvous maneuvers shown in the trailer are reminiscent of the first game in the series, 2002’s Battlefield 1942. The nozzles make it difficult to pull loops when the boat is not under control, and these maneuvers have become the gold standard for battlefield games that take place in a modern environment.

If PC players wish to get their hands on these features, They first need to get their hand on an RTX card and then will need to download the latest Game Ready driver updates from NVIDIA’s website. NVIDIA will alert you to upgrade the latest GeForce Game Ready drivers before you jump into the plunge to get the most out of your shooter. New drivers will be released as soon as the game is released.

The battlefield game named Battlefield 2042: New Modern Combat comes after several attempts to bring back players to World War I (Battlefield 1) and World War II. It offers a new thing that seems to scratch the itch of players who are bored of modern action for some World War stuff and old-school dog fights.

One of the best parts about Battlefield 2042 is its Battlefield Portal feature which will allow players to mix and compare old content from previous games from the franchise such as Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 3. Known as Battlefield Portal, a special game mode that allows players to bring maps, weapons, and vehicles from past Battlefield titles in order to create and customize their own battle scenarios. According to the developers, Battlefield Portal is a love letter to fans and creators of the new Battlefield.



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