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Bengaluru-based startup Ultrahuman launches Smart Ring capable to improve Metabolic Health
Ultrahuman, a Bengaluru-based firm, has launched a Smart Ring capable of improving Metabolic Health.

Bengaluru-based startup Ultrahuman launches Smart Ring capable to improve Metabolic Health

Bengaluru-based startup Ultrahuman launches Smart Ring capable to improve Metabolic Health
Image Credits: Awanish Dwivedi

Ultrahuman, an Indian fitness platform, is expanding its wearable portfolio by offering a smart ring in order to deliver more detailed metabolic information to tech-loving ‘biohackers’ — and, it hopes, health-conscious Boomers.

Temperature, heart rate, and movement monitors are included in the upcoming Ultrahuman Ring, allowing the gadget to analyze the wearer’s sleep quality, stress levels, and activity density, according to CEO and co-founder Mohit Kumar.

The smart wearables industry is expanding, and firms are rushing in to capitalize on the potential. While most tech companies are focusing on providing a huge screen, typical health features, and calling at the lowest possible price, Ultrahuman, a Bengaluru-based fitness-tech business, has introduced a smart ring that may help you measure your metabolism and enhance your overall health.

The device is intended to work in tandem with the startup’s existing wearable, a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) sensor-based service dubbed ‘Cyborg,’ to improve the quality of insights for users — for example, by identifying when a poor glucose response could be attributed to a bad night’s sleep or elevated stress levels, rather than focusing solely on what the user ate right before their blood sugar spike.

India Has a New Ultrahuman Ring

The Ultrahuman Ring tracks and improves users’ metabolic health by analyzing their movements, sleep, blood glucose level, and other factors. It integrates with Ultrahuman’s current fitness-tracking software, which maintains users’ metabolic data and sends timely reminders to help them improve their health.

The Ultrahuman Ring has a minimalist design and can survive extreme circumstances. The smart wearable’s exterior shell is constructed of titanium and tungsten carbide, which the business claims are five times stronger than ordinary steel. It also lacks a screen and a haptic system. As a result, consumers will no longer be bothered by continuous alerts during their regular tasks.

The Ultrahuman Smart Ring may collect data regarding a user’s non-exercise activity thermogenesis in addition to measuring metabolic wellness (NEAT). Furthermore, it monitors the users’ sleep, glucose consumption, and other indicators to assist them in maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Thus according to Kumar, the Ultrahuman Ring is not a CGM, but it can function as a standalone health tracker, giving the fitness startup a chance to broaden the appeal of its metabolic tracking service because the smart ring simply slips on the finger, as opposed to the CGM, which requires that a spring-loaded filament be fired into the user’s upper arm (and left in place, ‘worn’ under the skin).

Ultrahuman Ring – Pricing and Availability

In terms of availability, the Ultrahuman Ring will be available for pre-order internationally beginning on July 7. The firm will begin distributing orders in August of this year. Although Ultrahuman has not disclosed the price of the smart ring, it is likely to debut the device with a premium pricing plan that includes lifelong coverage and a second plan that uses a monthly subscription system.

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