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Bezos has spoken and Twitter is all ears

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos’ reputation on Twitter is a rollercoaster that goes up at times and touches the ground the other times. Given his neutral disposition and the tendency to avoid conflicts quite unlike his contemporary Elon Musk, an interesting tweet from the second richest man in the world is a rather unique scenario. This is perhaps why the recent tweet from Bezos has rocketed him to the trending list on Twitter. And the cherry on top is the fact that the tweet is a direct lashing out at the U.S President and his policies. Apparently, Biden’s recent tweet concerning inflation did not go down well with the Amazon founder and his displeasure is quite evident in the following tweet.

Twitter Reacts

Bezos doesn’t usually tweet on a whim(well if this reminds you of someone, it’s merely a coincidence). Thus the chain reaction on Twitter following his tweet is quite justifiable. It is not every day you get to see the aggressive side of someone who stays away from conflicts. And Twitterati doesn’t miss the slightest chance to let some rays of drama. However, as usual, the users are divided about the tweet. The responses are a mix of sarcasm and consensus. While some users find it ironic that a billionaire who apparently filled his pockets through corporate monopoly is criticizing Biden’s policies, others agree with him to an extent.

This is not the first time Bezos has voiced his displeasure at Biden’s administration. Not very long back, Bezos had denounced a tweet of Biden’s about corporate taxes stating that it is “misinformation” and “misdirection.” The recent tweet also features the same words, and the embedded emotion is not very different either. Even in May Bezos had lashed out at the Biden administration’s take on inflation blaming the administration for the misdirected steps. Well, it seems like the Amazon founder is not quite happy with the President’s ways. Let us take a look at the reactions and responses on Twitter to see what Twitterati thinks about the dispute.

Well, nobody understands anything at this point

Or maybe they do

Well, life itself is ironic right

Well….. (although some might say that he is entitled to his opinions)

Biden should perhaps revise his notes

Truth is often stranger than fiction my friend.

Not everybody is happy.

That is some reference material some humans could use (to run a country maybe)

I agree about the tax payment part. But the rest, well, it is his “well-earned” money after all

Now that is some reverse psychology at work

There’s the question that can send Bezos into an existential crisis

You never know

Existential crisis again because sadly for Bezos, Twitter is not about one-way traffic

Now that is someone who is clearly bitter about not being able to watch his favorite show

Too much existential crisis for a man to take

Wrapping up



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