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Biden Decarbonizing America with $174 Billion on EVs
The plan is yet to be approved by Congress.

The current density of electric vehicles in the US is only 2% of the total 278 Million cars according to the US data registry. With Joe Biden’s presidency, the shift from economy and businesses to climate change and renewable energy sources is progressive.

Biden gambles on placing climate change at heart of US energy policy |  Financial Times

Credit- Financial Times

His goals included limiting the methane and carbon emissions from industries, reversing what the trump administration has done. And By this year they plan to irreversible impact on the system, where medium to zero-emission. In fact, the legislation will make the consumers pay for the pollution they are causing. Meaning, pushing all of them to use electric vehicles.

The proposal

Joe Biden’s plan involves an exhaustive six-page list, everything from change in infrastructure to accommodate electric vehicles to pushing automobile manufacturers to shift to EVs.

Around $165 Billion is to be spent on transport and public places by 2050. Additionally, they are going to bring attention to the benefits of EVs, and have easy tax credits for EV owners.

Every major automobile industry is working on installing more charging stations all over the country. A research analyst from GuideHouse Insights, Sam Abuelsamid, said, “You want to have incentives to avoid proprietary networks because when you fragment the network like that, that just makes it harder for everybody.”

Also, the other analysts also predict the change to take time. But the exhaustive list from Joe Biden says something else. As of now, all the four main policies related to this proposal are directed towards having better plans to set up the environment for people to use EVs.

Furthermore, the focus on renewable energy sources like, solar wind and bio are included in the $165 Billion proposal list. This also includes the investment needed for Airport developments in sustainable ways.

However, the White House refused to comment on the same. The bill is yet to pass. The precisely detailed proposal to make drastic changed all over the country is a key decision that might take time.

Making own parts

Around 70-80% of raw materials are from china for any electric vehicle, especially batteries. Hence, the government is supporting automobile companies to merge or partner with local battery manufacturers. As of now, General Motors has a separate battery manufacturing department, which is allied with a South Korean battery maker.

Biden’s transition is not only going to reduce carbon emissions, but also create employment opportunities. Furthermore, these plans would make it easier for Americans to own an electric car, as an encouragement to not use their old fuel-based cars. The reduction of costs, better infrastructure, and lower taxes are definitely beneficial towards making America environmentally safe.




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