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Boost your productivity with these 5 google doc features

  1. Google docs is a word processor that is a web-based service offered by Google. These services also include excel and many other benefits. People often use google docs to share documents online with other people to access or edit it. Since there are a lot of google doc users, here are 5 tips to boost your productivity while using it.

1) Voice typing

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Have you ever felt super lazy to type and wondered it would be great if someone did it for you? Well, I don’t know about someone, but google docs can definitely do it for you. It has the inbuilt voice typing feature which can be enabled by going to the tools section. Once allowed, you can go hands-free on your typing experience.

One use case of voice typing might be getting notes written when a teacher dictates. This feature is accurate only to an extent and doesn’t always give 100% results. So, often you might need to edit the document if your pronunciation is a little off.

2) Multitasking smoothly

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Whenever you are writing an article for a client or maybe your website, researching becomes an integral part. But more often than not, what happens is, it becomes difficult to change tabs continuously. To counter this problem, google doc has introduced the explore feature. There is an option on the top right corner, which shows you results based on the words in the document.

You can also browse the web directly from the document and add anything from there by using the insert option. It’s that simple to save time and energy while working.

3) Clear formatting

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When working on documents, we might need to paste data from the web or other sites in it. At this point, the font and size of the pasted data might not match with the document, and thus we have to change it manually, and that’s okay. But what will happen if the data is vast and at different parts of the document that you can’t select at once?

Here comes the clear formatting feature that allows you to control the font and size of the pasted text automatically. Just go to format and then clear formatting and select the font preference.

4) Dark Mode

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If you sit long hours working on papers and research articles, then the normal display mode might be straining for your eyes. Almost every device and app nowadays comes with the dark mode feature to help your eyes relax a bit while working.

So, how can google not stay updated with the latest feature? They also have the dark mode in their google doc services. It can be enabled by opening the top right option going to the theme and choosing the dark mode. Never get exhausted while working again!

5) Suggestion Mode

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Let’s say you are working with a team on some project. Assuming you are the head of the team and have the primary access to the google docs file. Then enabling the suggestion feature can be an excellent option.

Everyone who has access to the document can give suggestions which will be highlighted. You will get the accept and reject option and can use them accordingly. To enable the feature, go to the editing icon and select suggesting.

We are sure that this 5 google doc features will come in handy once in a while. It will definitely help you guys boost your productivity while using docs.

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