3 Easy Ideas To Boost Your Productivity

boost your productivity

Whether you are a business owner, or you work for someone else, your productivity levels will determine how far you go. For your business, this means earning more money but being productive for your company can help to boost your career as your reputation grows and you are well regarded for being efficient.

There are some simple techniques that you can incorporate into your working day that will enable you to do more, in less time. Here are a few ideas that have proven to be highly successful in boosting productivity:

Monitor your time

Being able to account for where your time is spent is the first step in becoming more productive. You can track your time very simply by writing down your tasks, recording how much time is spent on each one. If you do this over a period of say, two weeks, you will start to get a real idea of which tasks are eating up your time.

Once you have that information, you can work on ways to improve processes or even delegate work. There may be some automation possibilities for some of the tasks but without knowing where your time is going, how can you assess the tasks?

You can download apps like RescueTime to record where you are spending your time. It goes through the websites that you have browsed and the applications that you have used to enable you to get a view of where your time is going.

Invest in marketing

Sometimes it really doesn’t pay to cut corners. If you try to keep your costs down when it comes to marketing then you may struggle to generate business leads. If your leads turn into big purchases or regular customers then spending a few hundred pounds on marketing campaigns will help your business to grow quicker. If you outsource your marketing it also means that you will have more time to dedicate to other tasks and get urgent work completed faster.

If you don’t have the capital to invest in marketing then you could always look at some finance options such as business loans from LendGenius.

Be selfish with your schedule

If you find it hard to say no to people, then you are probably losing a lot of time this way. Don’t let other people dictate your schedule, you need to be strong-willed and focus on your objectives, not other peoples. That’s not to say that you need to be nasty, just prioritize your time and learn to say no. You don’t have to be rude to people, just explain that you have an urgent deadline and can’t afford to miss it.

People will understand why you have to say no to them, especially if they know what it is like to have a hectic schedule. You can actually help to prevent people from asking for your time by subtly dropping into conversation how busy you are.

Get control of your time and you are much closer to that next level of productivity.

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