8 Applications That Will Increase Your Productivity!

How many times has it happened that when you go to bed, you feel you have not done enough today? That you have missed something? Often, right? In this competitive and smart generation, we want to do more in less time. And we take up any methods that make working for us easier and in the end, makes our day more productive and worthwhile. Luckily for us work addicts, smartphones, tablets and operating systems are working to develop apps which can help us improve our productivity on a daily basis. Check out a few.

1. GoogleDrive

Though one of the oldest app, it is still very useful to store backups for your pictures, videos, PDF files, documents and presentation. And as it works on cloud storage, no memory space of your phone is used up.

applications increase productivity
Image credits- Google Play

2. Wunderlist

Create a list and access it from any corner of the world. Also, share the list with people you chose as your contacts so that they can help you out with your work.

applications improve productivity 2
Image credits- www.wunderlist.com

3. Inkflow

It’s a personal vision board application, in which you can doodle your plans and ideas for the day. You can make changes whenever you want.

Image credits - iTunes - Apple
Image credits – iTunes – Apple

4. Pocket

Interesting articles you need to read but don’t have time currently? Pocket it and check them out later. Pocket is a bookmarking app which can by synced across all your devices to make reading for you easier.

Image credits APPSPIRE.me
Image credits APPSPIRE.me

5. Keeper

This app is for people who keep forgetting their password. With multiple accounts, this is bound to happen. Keeper allows you to store everything through a master password, which will get deleted when attempted to be hacked.

Image credits- Google Play
Image credits- Google Play

6. RescueTime

If you have problems tracking down the time you spent productively, this app will guarantee that you get a report of it. It will  provide you a weekly analysis of how you spent your time, which sites you frequently visited and which articles you read. Also, depending on the data, you can choose to block a particular app which you feel is consuming your time without benefits.

Image credits- Google Play
Image credits- Google Play

7. Shoebox

Handling receipts can be tedious. Well now there’s an app which can do it for you. Just scan your receipts and save them in this app and viola! They are all organised in the way you want.

Image credits- Shoebox
Image credits- Shoebox

8. Clearfocus

Set timer for work and breaks with this app. It will help you maintain a personal record of time and increase your productivity. Also, it will save from distractions.

Image credits- Google Play
Image credits- Google Play

Try these apps to make yourself feel more good and productive.

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