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Bose is about to launch airpods competitors with ANC

Airpods have changed the entire tws game. Since it’s launch in September 2016, it has set a standard that every manufacturer has either tried to achieve or at least mimick. When almost every brand was at the verge of making the perfect tws to compete with AirPods, Apple launched the Airpods pro with ANC raising the bar of standard even higher.

Now, the latest reports say that Bose is going to launch a new tws earphone with ANC to compete with Airpods pro. The earphones have been listed on Bose’s site and are called the QuietComfort Earbuds.

Bose’s QuietComfort Earbuds

Bose has one of the best quality headphones in the premium category right now. Continuing the naming trend they decided to go with the Quietcomfort name. The latest earphone by Bose is being released after almost 3 years. In 2017, it launched the Soundsport free that didn’t do particularly well.


Image Source: The Verge

The latest offering from bose will come with active noise cancellation, deep bass and a rich sound stage. The earphones will also be sweat and water-resistant. This ensures usage in the gym and outside in slight rain. The earphones will also feature Bose’s custom-developed microphone system for high-quality audio pickup.

Bose has previously worked with Amazon launching the echo buds. But according to some reports t has saved the best tech for its own products. Let’s see when the products are made available and at what price.

Bose’s Competiton

The product sounds really exciting and seems to be at par if not better than the Airpods pro and Sony’s WF1000Xm3. Now, the real question is how well Bose can price the QuietComfort earbuds to beat Apple and Sony. If Bose can undercut these two products which I highly doubt it will, then becoming the king in the audio market again, won’t be much difficult.

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