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Parents ask for Indian version of Pubg

After Pubg Mobile ban, the whole Pubg community has been waiting for its resurrection. But, the Indian-Chinese border tensions have just been making things worse. So, in order to save their market share in India, Pubg Corporation has taken the distribution rights of the game from Tencent in India. Now, parents are asking for an Indian version of Pubg or in other words an Indian distribution company managing the game.

Efforts made by Pubg Corporation

Indian Version of Pubg

Image Source: Pubg

After being banned from the country, Pubg Corporation has removed Tencent from India. This was a crucial but a difficult step seeing that Tencent is the 2nd largest shareholder of the company. Noting that the only link of the game with China was through Tencent it might come back soon.

The main reason for the ban was the data breaches that the government expected. But, instead of explaining the government that there was no such thing, the company took a real step. Now, it is looking for a new Indian company to partner up for handling the distribution in India. But, the rights of the game will still be with Pubg corporation.

Who might be the nest Pubg distributor in India?

Image Source: Counterpoint Research

Well, it’s no doubt that to get the game operational again, Pubg has to work with an Indian company. Pubg corporation said that it is going to work with the government and fix any flaws that hinder the usage of the app in India.

Now, talking about the Indian partnership, it is important to understand that not all companies are big enough to deal with the game. There has been a rumour that Jio might take on the Pubg Mobile distribution rights in India. But, there has been no confirmation yet.

What I have been thinking is what if Tencent hasn’t actually done anything? The company has been facing a really tough time here and I hope everything gets better for everyone. Let’s see how long it takes for the company to make a comeback with an Indian Version of Pubg.

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