Bounce Partners With Ather In Peer-To-Peer Electric Scooter Sharing Program

Ather Energy, the Bangalore-based electric vehicle company, has partnered with Bounce to provide users with a unique peer-to-peer sharing platform. 

Both companies too to Twitter to announce the offering as per which, a user will be able to purchase an Ather electric scooter through the Bounce app. One can then list the scooter to be rented out when not in use, in return for which, the user is then remunerated. The on-road price of an Ather scooter, under the scheme is just over Rs.1,15,000, inclusive of taxes and FAME subsidies. Though damages and liabilities are largely placed on the owner, he/she receives payment for every time the scooter is rented. Renters pick up the scooter from an owner’s address, along with the keys, and return to the same place after use. 

Currently, the offering is only available in Bangalore, although as Ather looks to expand into Kolkata by December 2020, the scheme could reach a wider audience.