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Bounce Unveils In-House Built EV

Bounce, on Thursday unveiled their all new EV, the N3110. The electric scooter is assembled in India, with the motors sourced from abroad.

The ride-share company is offering the N3110 for sale across the country, with lease and retail options also available. As for technical specifications, the EV boasts a range of 60 km per-charge, with dockless capabilities and the option to swap-out batteries. Bounce co-founder, Vivekananda Hallekere has stated that the infrastructure required for efficient and convenient battery-swapping is already in place. 

The N3110 is being offered at Rs.46,000 ex-showroom, and excluding batteries. The company has announced that it will be taking pre-orders of an initial 500 bikes, will delivery expected by December 2020.

The scooter-sharing platform, with Hallekere at its helm has shown tenacity through its early years to be able to reach the point at which it is capable of producing its in-house vehicles.



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