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Canoo Futuristic Electric Van- Lifestyle Vehicle Costs $34,750
The price can go up to $49, 950 with additional equipment and incentives

Canoo’s talks with Apple came to an end though Apple has shown interest in the EV startup. As the company suspended its subscription solution, they have now come with a Futuristic electric van known as “Lifestyle vehicle” which costs a minimum of $34,750.

Canoo's electric microbus will start under $35,000

Image credits- Tech Crunch

Furthermore, the EV startup also ended its partnership with Hyundai as it moves away from subscription services. In February 2020 they anointed their partnership deal. Then the deal was broken by March 2021.

The future is here

As Canoo started its pre-orders, you can book the Lifestyle vehicle with a $100 refundable deposit. And the deliveries are expected to start by 2022. As mentioned on the website, it has a higher ground clearance and more utility. Also, the bolder design enables it for using inside and outside the city for explorers. 

Furthermore, the video shows the details of the vehicle. Known for its skateboard,  the Lifestyle vehicle has one too. And using electrical signals only. The rear wheel side has a cross-car beam. Furthermore, the steering is covered in a clear Plexiglass case. It is truly Futuristic as the concealed instrument panel gives the van an elegant look.

As shown on the website, the features are as below, 

  • Charging time – 28 minutes 
  • Range – 250 miles 
  • Top speed – 125 MWh
  • Steer-by-wire – 100%
  • Wheel diameter – 19 Inches 
  • Capacity – 5 to 7 seats 
  • Weight – 200 kgs 
  • Steel construction – 90% 
  • Color options – 1 (but working on having additional design options) 

Lifestyle van uses a rear-wheel drive, with one permanent magnet synchronous electric motor. The Moto has 3,800NM peak torque with a power of 300 HP. Also, the other details include, ground clearance of 161mm and drag coefficient as Cda 1.04(0.33).

Additional accessories

As the vehicle also has driver assistance, pedestrian detection and street view windows the advanced technology ensures safety. The Lifestyle van is a 7 seater with interior furniture. Moreover, the front two seats are like regular ones. Then there are lounge seats at the back, where the design is such that there is a coffee table in the middle. And the extra seats come from the back of the front row seats as “Jump seats”. These jump seats can be pulled out and pushed in as per your need. 

clip image002

Image credits- Tech Crunch

Lastly, there are various other accessories and a pegboard to hang them. Additionally, the fan has a beautiful light setting, giving a final Futuristic look during night times while driving. The additional features can be set as per personal preferences, as shown in the video, projecting videos or chilling in the lounge is convenient. 

However, the additional accessories can vary the cost of the van. The details are yet to be known. 

Made from high strength the Lifestyle Vehicle is also lightweight. It has an ADAS system, which includes cameras, ultrasonic sensors, and radars. Interestingly it is designed to have exterior panels too, with safari panels. 

With a capacity to charge 80% in 28 minutes,  the Lifestyle Van has caught the attention of many.  Every other detail mentioned on the website is clearly Futuristic. Finally, Canoo seems to have come around with an interesting product that has the potential to compete with its rivals. 



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