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Chevrolet Electric Pickup by GM, manufacturing in Detroit

The all-new Chevrolet electric pick-up manufacturing is going to start in the General Motors Deteroit factory. Their factory in Detroit is known as factory zero.

Furthermore, the expected range of the Chevrolet electric pick-up is 400 miles with ultium battery packs. They are going to sell both the commercial version and retail versions. GM’s plan is to release the cars by 2023-24. For now, the sales are going to be alongside fuel-based Chevrolet and the Chevrolet Bolt. Like the GMC Hummer, the Chevrolet electric pick-up is expected to have different options with battery backup and ranges with different price ranges.

GM is planning Silverado-like electric pickup truck with 400 miles of range  - Electrek

Credits- Electrek

General Motors has increased its investment in electric vehicles from $9 Billion to $10 Billion. Also, more than $7 Billion is also being invested in self-driving cars. However, the precise details are released yet, neither on the Chevrolet electric pickup, nor the investment involved.

Alongside, the same factory is going to manufacture their sports utility electric car, GMC Hummer. The electric version of GMC Hummer is going to be a beast, with range and quality better than the fuel-based one.

Chevrolet since 1911

The Chevrolet known as Chevy, was founded in 1911 as a separate entity. It was later in 1917, the Chevrolet joined General Motors. The brand now is sold in Millions all around the globe.

In 2016, the Chevrolet Bolt, GM’s fully electric car was released. The car won a prestigious award, Motor Trend Car of the year 2017. Later newer versions were released and have been highly preferred in the States.

GM’s focus on electric vehicles

General Motors has been working on electric vehicles. Their recent Debut of GMC Hummer EV was spectacular featuring the Basketball legend, LeBron James.

Though their Chevrolet Bolt has been a hit among consumers. Hence, the electric pickup truck raised the record of shares to $65.45.

The factory Zero in Detroit is expected to manufacture all the electric vehicles by General motors. Last month, the company also released a statement on manufacturing batteries in Ohio. The company aims to reduce the battery cost than the current ones.

Their current GMC Electric Hummer partnered with LG Chem, to create a better battery range with the lowest cost possible. The GMC Electric Hummer is a full-on beast with extravagant features, having to invest half of the total in the battery is not advisable. Also, Honda Motor from Japan is involved in the same partnership, but their focus is on reducing the battery size.

EMC Hummer’s details on battery on recent debut is an advanced system which doesn’t need wires in between the batteries to be charged.



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