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‘CO-WIN’ mobile app to deliver COVID-19 vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccine was announced in India a few days back by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But for a country like India with such a huge population, it won’t be easy to deliver vaccines and do mass vaccination. This is the reason why the Indian government has announced the ‘CO-WIN’ mobile app where people can register for the vaccine. ‘CO-WIN’ app will have all the data regarding the vaccine and healthcare workers’ data. And all the important information regarding the delivery of the COVID vaccine is being fed on the platform.

More about the ‘CO-WIN’ mobile app

The app will prove to be very important for successfully implementing mass vaccination in the country. There will be several modules in the app that can be used for various tasks. These include administrator, registration, reports, vaccination, and beneficiary acknowledgment. The app is not available for smartphones yet but will be out very soon. And the different options in the app will control the different steps of the COVID-19 vaccination.

Co-WIN mobile app

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Talking about how the app will work, PTI reported that the details for vaccination would be verified, and once that’s done, the beneficiary acknowledgment will send messages to the individual. Once the vaccination is completely done, QR-based certificates will also be provided to patients.


I am happy that the app will really help speed up mass-vaccination in the country. But do you guys remember when the government totally ignored the Aarogya setu app claiming that it wasn’t official? And the developers also didn’t get any recognition, so the government must give credit to the new developers in advance this time around.

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