Ukraine crisis

Companies react to invasion of Ukraine by sending workers home

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has sent the world into chaos, shaking the foundations of peace. As the world is watching with weary eyes, the situation continues to be stuck in a position that is devoid of any reassurance or promise. The conflict and aggression in the region have put the companies in the region in a rather tight spot as they are struggling to ensure the safety and security of their workers. Many of the companies have responded to the invasion and threat by sending workers home. Let us take a look at the various multinational corporations that have been impacted by the onslaught and their responses. Read along to know more.

Ukraine crisis

1. AB InBev Efes

It is a joint venture between Anheuser Busch InBev NV and Turkey’s Anadolu Efes. They have been adversely impacted by the crisis in the region. They have a total of 3000 staff. In response to the ongoing crisis, the company has put a stop to all sales and production for the time being.

2. Coca-Cola HBC

The globally popular brand has temporarily stopped all operations in Ukraine and has also arranged for its staff to return home as the crisis threatens the safety and security of those working for the company. According to a Coca-Cola HBC spokesperson,

We have enacted our contingency plans that include stopping production in Ukraine, closing our plant, and asking colleagues in the country to remain at home and follow local guidance.” 

3. Carlsberg

The popular Danish beermaker is yet another company to halt its operations in Ukraine as the conflict threatens stability and safety. It has a total staff of 1300 and has stopped all operations at two of its three breweries in Ukraine.

4. Mondelez International

Mondelez International is gearing up to take action as the situation continues to worsen in the region. The company has over 4300 employees across Eastern Europe. If the situation gets more dangerous, the company will close plants in both countries and halt all operations.

5. Nestle

Nestle, which holds the title of the world’s largest food company is also taking swift actions in response to the situation in Ukraine. The company with a worker strength of 5000 in Ukraine is all set to close three of its factories in the region.

Other companies to take similar steps in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine which has sent the country into chaos are Phillip Morriss International Inc. and Restaurant Brands International Inc.