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How to download your Soundcloud playlist?

Download your Soundcloud playlist with quick and easy steps. 


Build-in Berlin, Germany, Soundcloud is an online audio streaming application. It has now gained popularity and along with the feature of uploading your own audio, you can also stream music released by artists. Make a playlist and even download your Soundcloud playlist. Your Soundcloud playlist is a collection of albums and music that you have already liked or created.


it’s a no brainer yet a fun activity to enjoy custom playlists with SoundCloud’s sea of a sound library. You can make the ideal blend in with only a couple of clicks and, insofar as you’re associated with the Internet, hear it out anyplace. However, what happens when you’re in a hurry? Plan ahead and download your Soundcloud playlist and transforming it into a record that can be tuned in to disconnected.

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How to download your Soundcloud playlist?

Step 1: Download and install 4K YouTube to MP3

Don’t go by the name of the software, 4K Youtube to MP3 also lets you download Soundcloud audio playlists. Download and install the software to download your Soundcloud playlist.

Step2: Visit your SoundCloud profile

Head straight to your Soundcloud profile. To do this, open Soundcloud, click on your Username, and then it’ll open your profile.

Step 3: Select a playlist and download it

Beneath your profile photo Follow the “Playlists” link on the menu to view your options. Open the playlist in your browser by simply clicking on the name of your Playlist.

Step 4: Copy your playlist address

You can easily view your playlist’s address in the browser’s address bar. You can select the entire address and press Ctrl +C to copy it on your clipboard.

Step5: Paste the playlist address into 4K YouTube to MP3

The 4K Youtube to MP3 software makes it really easy for you to paste the playlist address into 4K Youtube to MP3. There is an option of  “Paste URL” which makes this task really handy. As soon as you click on this button, all songs in your playlist will start to download in an MP3 format.


  • The downloading time usually differs on the speed of your computer’s processor and also the speed of your internet connection.
  • You can also change the quality of the song from MP3 if you feel the need to. In 4K Youtube to MP3 all you have to do to change the quality is click on the ‘Preferences’ icon and from there you can easily get your desired bitrate from the menu that appears.





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