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Dash launches app to pay crypto at retail stores in the US

We all have our eyes focused on the developments of crypto payments from Visa and Mastercard. But they are not the only one, as every other company is doing their best to get into the payment ecosystem. One of those companies is DASH, which recently launched an app to pay at retail stores in the US. The app will use the native cryptocurrency of the company. As Dash launches app to pay crypto at retail stores, it has also focused on providing incentives to its users. The company has revealed a program that will help users save up to 12% on their purchases.

Dash launches app to pay crypto at retail stores

Dash Introduces Online Shopping App For Stores Across America

The support for DashDirect is going to be huge, which makes it special. Anyone on their platform will be able to pay with DASH at 155,000 stores across the country. It also has support for 125 online stores for those who might want to buy something online. Now the only thing left is adoption which I don’t think will be much of a problem as I did say above that there are incentives that the app provides. The founder of DASH said that the discount would be instant, and the amount will be reduced before the payment.  This could make anyone switch to the app.

The app will also have a lot of features that help users keep track of their savings and spending. DASH also plans to add a tipping option for the users. Another great thing about the same is the non-custodial nature which means users will have access to their keys.

The benefits and the demand

Using DASH and its app to make payments will help any user to save almost 5% every year. And since it will be accepted at all popular stores, almost all kinds of users can use it.  The company has also been seeing a huge demand in other countries but are not expanding yet. This is because the first step while expanding is bringing support for merchants, and the local currency of the region, said the founder of the app.

What are your thoughts on the DashDirect app that the company has launched to pay crypto at retail stores in the US? And do you think that this venture will be successful? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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