Tesla merchandise can be purchased with Dogecoin; MemeCoin skyrockets
Image Source: business Insider India

DOGE transaction sent via radio using a protocol called Radio Doge

DOGE is not the first cryptocurrency to be sent via radio transmission. Concepts such as mesh networking, amateur radio equipment and portable antennas have given people access to bitcoin transactions without internet access. Mitchie Lumin and Timothy Stabbing recently mentioned in a blog post that the Starlink satellite network of Elon Musk’s company SpaceX will be used to do Dodgecoin transactions without the Internet. For this, a Radiododge Regional Hub was created.

This technology is named RadioDodge which is a low cost and reliable technology. It works with Starlink internet service. This offline transaction was transmitted over HF radio to a regional hub more than 150 miles away in Colorado, USA.

The process went in such a way that dodgecoin transactions from the regional hub were routed to the dodgecoin testnet using the Starlink satellite. Dodgecoin supporters also expressed enthusiasm about this on social media. One user wrote, “First Dogecoin transaction without internet, using Radio Dodge. Dodge will reach people who do not have internet access through Radio Dodge.”

Dogecoin’s objective, according to the Dogecoin Foundation, is to make DOGE the de facto worldwide currency for exchanging goods and services. It says it is currently working on some projects aimed at bringing the Dogecoin Ecosystem to a state of readiness for rapid grassroots adoption, citing the fact that 1.7 billion people in the world are unbanked.

At press time, Dogecoin trades at $0.137 and remains in consolidation within its daily moving averages of 50 and 200. A break past the MA 200 at $0.177 might be necessary to squash the sideways trading move.

The transaction was heard over 800 miles away as the director of the Dogecoin Foundation listened in to the signal. The software behind the transaction is called “Project Libdogecoin.” The project is a C-based library of Dogecoin protocols that act as building blocks for Dogecoin projects. Dogecoin developer, Michi Lumin, confirmed that “there’ll be a low cost open source hardware implementation” in the future to allow the wider community to transact via radio. Still, global chip shortages are holding this back at present.

The demo has undoubtedly highlighted dogecoin’s potential utility. The original ‘meme coin’ has been hailed by Elon Musk as having the potential to be “the people’s crypto,” and this experiment certainly gives an insight into how that could be realized. The Libdogecoin project also contains plans to create a Dogecoin standard documentation, community proof of stake, layer-2 scaling for point of sale, and these radio-enabled nodes. Once a joke, Doge may be a darkhorse in the crypto race for mass adoption.