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Doodle of Dogecoin sells for 1500x over asking price

Non-Fungible tokens or NFTs are quite a buzz among the netizens. Recently, Billy Markus, co-creator of Dogecoin, creates a doodle over his underpants. And that was an attraction for bidders, and it went up to $3192. Can you imagine? A “crappy dogecoin doodle art” sold above $3K.

Doodle of Dogecoin sells for 1500x over asking price

Image Source: Benzinga.com

Recent Dogecoin NFT

Rarible (@rariblecom) | Twitter

Image source: Rarible

NFTs or Non-fungible Tokens are digital arts, including GIFs, Videos, posters, and now even doodles critically acclaimed and bought by art enthusiasts. People worry about ownership, and once they own something, it gives them the feel of owning something valuable. NFTs are getting a lot of popularity after one particular digital art was sold for $69M.

Are you thinking about what gave birth to this underpants doodle art? Markus, the co-founder, was responsible for a meme coin, dogecoin. So what makes you think that he won’t do any other funky stuff! Like Billy made dogecoin as a joke, he too made this piece of excellence as a joke. But netizens are crazy about this, and they started bidding more than 1500x over the asking price.

Markus states that if people keep loving them like this, he will continue making them. Shibetoshi Nakamoto (twitter display name), aka Billy Markus, also tweeted off his second NFT, a doodle of the dogecoin. He writes that people like these doodles and they have demands, so the next one is the doodle of dogecoin. Markus also wrote that after $DOGE itself, Markus would create a doodle again on his underwear.

More about Non-Fungible Tokens

NFTs are quite popular nowadays, and netizens are going crazy over these digital arts. These are some out-of-the-box creations that use blockchain technology as their base. The same technology is also behind the success of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and dogecoin itself, and many more.

We can see that cryptocurrencies are doing just fine if we ignore the minor setbacks. On the other hand, these NFTs have become a new face of the upcoming digital art generation. People are paying huge in crypto to acquire these NFTs and have a feeling of ownership.

Technology has grown a lot and has become very unique. It was never possible to buy anything unless we have physical access to them. But those days are obscure now. The NFTs shows how we can sell anything artistic that we create online. Recently, a video NFT made a huge income. Once the user buys it, the masterpiece becomes theirs with their unique digital signature.

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