Sega Leaves Arcade Business

Double Tokyo Jump announced Sega’s first blockchain game is coming soon

Over the past few months, blockchain games have become quite popular in the crypto industry. Many famous blockchain companies are trying to get into this sector by developing their own games. Double Tokyo Jump, the famous Japanese blockchain company, announced earlier this week that Sega’s first blockchain game is coming soon, which will be developed by them.

About Sega’s first game

Recently, the famous Japanese blockchain company Double Tokyo Jump announced Sega’s first blockchain game. In a Medium post, it shared that the game would be based on the famous Sangokushi Taisen series. They clarified that it would be a real-time strategy-based game predominantly played in arcades in Japan that mainly uses physical cards to play with.

The Sangokushi Taisen Series is based on the classic 14th CE Chinese Novel Romance of the three kingdoms. The players used to fight against their opponents, trying to attack the enemy castles. And the player with the most health at the end of the battle would win the game. This is a bit different from other games, making it more exciting and difficult for people.

Double Tokyo Jump announced Sega’s first blockchain
Credit @ Sega

In a recent statement, the CEO of Double Tokyo Jump and the founder of Hironobu Ueno spoke of the Oasys chain the game will be using, saying that it would aim to solve all the obstacles for gamers by offering speedy transactions, zero gas fees, and also providing them with a great gameplay experience.

However, no details were given on the medium post on how the game would look like. The announcement focused on the blockchain’s incorporation with the game rather than anything else.

Involvement of Square Enix

Earlier this month, Square Enix announced they are also involved with the Oasys blockchain platform as a part of their continued effort to ignore one of the major blockchain themes in one of its famous worldwide games.

Also, this year Sega shared several other details on their Super Game Project. We can also expect their big entry into the NFT market as Sega also trademarked “Sega NFT” in January this year. So, now you know that Sega’s first blockchain game is coming soon, so despite controversies and other issues with blockchain tech, they plan to go ahead to incorporate the technology.

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