Dunkin’ Halloween donuts turn out to be a ‘trick in treat’ experience for customers

Halloween comes with the tagline of horror and fun, all in good spirits (no pun intended). Little would you expect that horror and not-so-fun experience in a donut that too from Dunkin’ donuts. Customers who just wanted to enjoy a good Halloween donut from Dunkin’ were quite put off by the jack-o-lantern donut that was light years away from the description given by Dunkin’. Looks like Dunkin’ Donuts made it a point to trick the customers through the treat, and they are not pleased. Soon enough, a displeased customer took to TikTok to share the experience and it garnered over 460,000 views in no time. Read along to know more.


Donut Disaster

For Halloween, customers who ordered the jack-o-lantern from Dunkin’ Donuts encountered a ghost. Not a ghost costume but the ghost of a donut they expected to devour happily. A TikTok user, @deee-2525 described their experience ordering the “Dunk-o-Lantern” donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts. The description of the donut talks about a “classic pumpkin-shaped donut shell filled with vanilla-flavored butter creme filling, topped with orange icing, and a classic jack-o-lantern grin.” Safe to say that nobody grinned at the donut they received. The donut and the description were poles apart. The donut received by the user looked like it was put together in a rush. It was slopped with haphazard orange icing and a sad pair of pumpkin sprinkles were added as eyes. A single line of black frosting was also added, and we have still not figured out if it is a smile or a frown.

“@Dunkin’ I just wanted a nice jack-o-lantern donut,” the disappointed user wrote in the description of the video. Turns out that it is not just @deee-2525 who was disappointed by the coffee chain. Several others shared similar experiences in the comments section. One commenter said that the pumpkin they got came with just chocolate frosting and nothing else. Another recounted their Spider Donut experience. Their spider donut came with three and a half legs that were barely attached. Looks like Dunkin’ is trying out a new theme for Halloween, “trick in the treat.” Dunkin’ is yet to respond to a request for comment regarding the policy ensuring that their employees are capable of designing their seasonal donut options.