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Elden Ring Is Steam Deck Verified

Elden Ring has been confirmed to work on Steam Deck, that means publisher Bandai Namco and developer FromSoftware have sent Elden Ring to Valve’s in-house team to see if the game will work on the new portable gaming PC.  Valve has rated FromSoftwares’ latest game Elden Ring as Steam Deck Verified ahead of its release. Luckily, FromSoftwares’ Elden Ring has been rated “Verified” for Steam Deck, according to the listing shown in Elden Rings Valves data. It looks like Valve has heard some prayers, as FromSoftwares’ Elden Ring has passed the official Steam Deck review, suggesting the RPG will run smoothly on Valve’s Stream Deck.

Elden Ring Steam Deck

Credit @ Valve

At this point, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given how broad compatibility is aimed at the device, but Elden Ring is officially Steam Deck verified, which means Valve expects Elden Ring to play great on handheld devices. Elden Ring has one of the largest Valve releases in history, as well as the largest Steam developer release in history, FromSoftware, all measured by player count rather than sales to be announced. Fans will have to wait a while to play Dark Souls Remake, Dark Souls 3 Deluxe, and Dark Souls 2 on Valve’s latest portable system, but there’s no doubt that it will soon be possible. All of these games can be purchased and downloaded on Valves PDAs. Elden Ring, in particular, has been a highly anticipated game among fantasy players thanks to the collaboration of two very famous characters.

While Valve hasn’t rated all the games on Steam, current user reports on Proton can give us an idea of ​​how likely these Steam Deck games are to play. As we get closer to the launch of Steam Deck for portable PCs, it’s also good to know that Valve is taking some time to check which games work right away and which ones need some tweaking. The Steam Deck Verified process is currently ongoing and Valve says it will continue to review games during and after launch and that games will be subject to a new review pending any updates or improvements to the Deck software.

Elden Ring Steam Deck

Credit @ FromSoftware Inc

There’s a good chance that most gamers will love the Elden Ring coming to PC and consoles; gaming hardware has been known to be hard to come by in recent years, and Valve’s Steam Deck will likely follow the same trend. User reports indicate that Elden Ring runs Linux, which means you should be able to play games on Proton, with over 255 user reports from various builds commenting on the quality of the experience and which version of Proton they are using on Linux.

Valve is insisting that everything is on schedule for the current release date, and as of Thursday, February 24, 2022, it looks like there will be no further delays. Valve previously confirmed that their next Steam deck would definitely release this month after being delayed from its original December 2021 launch date.

The Switch-like portable gaming device runs a modified SteamOS that lets you download and play games like Doom Eternal. Valve said you’ll be able to plug in a mouse, keyboard, and monitor, as well as install PC software on a handheld gaming device similar to The Switch, surf the web, and use it to access other game stores. It also allows you to install and use PC software on it, including a web browser, other game stores such as the Epic Games Store, and video streaming services.



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