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Elon Musk wonders if the US leaders can tell out the word “Tesla”

Elon Musk hilariously replies under a tweet that points out the US administration doesn’t acknowledge Tesla in any way. Since the beginning of Biden’s administration, the government has been pushing electric vehicle manufacturing. While Tesla topped the most American-made vehicle this year, the US leaders haven’t acknowledged Tesla’s existence.

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Image credits- The Hill

US president Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have been promoting the importance of electric vehicles. However, despite acknowledging automakers like General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis, they haven’t mentioned Tesla at least once. This was pointed out by Davi Sacks, saying that they are gaslighting Tesla. To which Elon Musk replied saying “Maybe they are NPCs and Tesla just isn’t in their dialogue tree?” Which turned out to be hilarious.

Furthermore, Elon musk adds, saying “Lat’s see if we can get them to say the word, Tesla. As recently as November 18, President Joe Biden tweeted saying that he drove one of the most incredible vehicles. It was in reference to his ride with Ford F-150 Lightning. Biden has already driven the vehicle earlier when he met Ford’s CEO, Jim Farley.

Biden’s sentiments were later echoed by VP Kamala Harris, who also noted that the United States would be building electric vehicles, including the batteries and parts that go in them, instead of relying on other countries. Just like the President, she also noted that the “future will be made in America.” This resulted in numerous netizens poking fun at the Vice President, stating that the future is already being made in America by Tesla — for over a decade. Other Twitter users further joked that Harris might have simply never seen a Tesla, despite serving as California’s attorney general from 2011 to 2017.

This suggestion inspired numerous responses on Twitter and other social media platforms, with some EV supporters noting that it would be interesting to have numerous Teslas conduct a drive to Washington. Other suggestions were more humorous, with some noting that Musk should personally invite Biden to Giga Texas’ opening ceremony, and if the President ignores the invitation, the Tesla CEO should simply have a life-sized cardboard cut-out of the politician “attend” the event instead.

Overall, Musk seems to be taking the administration’s evident Tesla snub in stride, which is a pretty good sign on its own. At this point, after all, Tesla appears to have already reached a point where it is already a stable business that could stand on its own two feet, even without the help of regulatory credits. And with more factories opening in the near future in the form of Gigafactory Texas and Giga Berlin, Tesla’s presence would likely be acknowledged worldwide, even if its existence is flat out denied by the US President and the current administration.



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