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Everything You Need to Know About Lucid Lands

Lucid Lands is the BSC network’s first decentralized NFT play-to-earn game, including both 3D-animated gameplay NFT and a 2D unique computer-generated collective NFT market.

Lucid Lands is the BSC network’s first decentralized NFT play-to-earn game, integrating 3D-animated gaming NFT with a unique 2D computer-generated collective NFT marketplace. In addition to the rarity, each one-of-a-kind NFT Hero will have an inherent value that may be traded in the market. These Collectibles are utilized in the game to determine the floor pricing based on the Collectibles’ attributes and activities.

A cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain that offers investors a variety of methods to profit, including a lucky shot feature and ongoing tournaments, games, challenges, and NFTs. Creating the world’s largest network by bringing people together on a single platform to discuss nearly everything related to cryptocurrency.


Staking NFT to get LLG tokens: Stake Lucid Lands Hero NFT to get LLG tokens.

NFT Marketplace: On Lucid Lands’ decentralized NFT open market, you may buy or sell 3-D Heroes NFT and 2-D Pets collective NFT.

To gain valuable things and LLG tokens, defeat the invader or attack another player’s base.


  • The Purg
  • Magiallo
  • ISO 998
  • RUXA

Heroes’ Pets – Shroomies (Cyborg Shroomies – Prestige Collective NFT)

Shroomies are strange creatures that appear out of nowhere across the cosmos. Legend has it that they are so cute that even the most terrifying monsters would not dare to touch them. Among the charming Shroomies, there are four Leaders, one for each of the four primary zones of the universe: ISO 998, RUXA, Antediluvian, and Purg.

TOKENOMICS: 100,000,000 total supply

Development: Game development will be funded by 4% of all transactions.

Liquidity: To provide an ever-increasing price floor, 3% of every sale will be contributed to liquidity.


Marketing: Marketing will be funded with 3% of all transactions.



The months of August and September in the year 2021

Private Presale

Graphic Design

Game Design

Launch of the website in October 2021 with 100+ influencers on board Game Trailer


Pre-Launch Marketing Collaborations  in November 2021

Upgrade to the Public Presale Website

1st Unique Collectible 3D-Animated Heroes NFT

Drop PancakeSwap V2 Listing Dapp Launch Sale of NFTs

Gaming NFT Staking Launch NFT Marketplace Launch

Marketing Campaigns Following the Launch

Growth of Regional Communities through Social Media

Early Q1 2022

Test Beta Launch

Certik Audit

Create more characters.

Additional Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Expansion

Regional Community Development

Listing on Major Exchanges

This was the elongated road map of Lucid Lands. If you are planning to buy this cryptocurrency, this is everything you need to know about Lucid Land. But it is also important to know certain things when it comes to buying a cryptocurrency such as Lucid Lands.

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Consider Your Reasons for Investing in Cryptocurrency

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Get a Feel for the Business

Before investing in digital currencies, novice investors must get an understanding of how the digital currency world operates. Take the time to learn about the various currencies on offer. With hundreds of different currencies and tokens available, it’s critical to go beyond the most well-known names, such as Bitcoin, Ether, and Ripple.

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Join a Cryptocurrency Enthusiast Online Community

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Recent Update: The current Lucid Lands price is $0.093169 USD, with a trading volume of $6,182,932 USD in the last 24 hours. In the last 24 hours, Lucid Lands has gained 6.96 percent. With a live market cap of $3,091,366 USD, CoinMarketCap now ranks #1445. There are 33,180,086 LLG coins in circulation, with a maximum supply of 100,000,000 LLG coins.

More about Lucid Land

TTM Gaming Team’s Lucid Lands is the first decentralized NFT P2E game on the BSC network. We intend to create one of the greatest blockchain games, providing users with a comprehensive gaming experience as well as several possibilities to earn money and incentives.

Lucid Lands’ NFT comes in two varieties: 3-D animated Hero NFT and 2-D nonanimated Pet Collective NFT (5000 pieces). You should purchase Lucid Lands’ NFT to improve the visuals of the game’s characters.

The NFT from Lucid Lands is available in two variations: 3-D animated Hero NFT and 2-D nonanimated Pet Collective NFT (5000 pieces). To increase the aesthetics of the game’s characters, you should get Lucid Lands’ NFT.

If you have reached here, that means you know everything about the Lucid land and are ready to buy it. Below are the various steps you can use to buy the Lucid Land tokens:

Step 1: Navigate to the Pancakeswap page with the LLG token address.

Please make sure to use/purchase from our official token address. Be wary of the fraud; we only have one legitimate token address.

Step 2: Connect your wallet (Metamask/Trustwallet) to pancakeswap.

Step 3: In the [From] column, click “Select a currency” and choose the token you wish to use to purchase LLG tokens. To purchase LLG tokens, you can use any cryptocurrency supported by Pancake.

Step 4: Enter the value of the [From] token. For example, if I spend 20 BNB to purchase an LLG token, I enter 20 BNB in the [From] box. Please keep in mind that, due to the price impact, you may need to increase the “slippage tolerance.”

Step 5: If you have never used BNB to purchase LLG previously, you must approve it by clicking the [Approve] button and then confirming the transaction in your wallet.

Step 6: On your wallet, click the [Swap] button and then Confirm.

Step 7: Wait for the tx to finish… And you’re done! You’ve successfully purchased LLG tokens!

You are all set to go.

Thank you for reading my article. Share it with your friends and families and let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.



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