Facebook Outruns Google In Driving More Traffic To Media Sites


4 February, 2016, USA: According the report released by traffic analytics firm Parse.ly, Mark Zuckerberg’s social networking site, Facebook drives more traffic to media sites than google.

Most of the people associated with the renowned media houses of the world, agree to the fact that social networking sites such as facebook and twitter have become the real traffic movers for their content. The links or referrals shared on these platforms tend to get viral within few minutes. As per the recent figures released by Parse.ly, Facebook has scaled up in the race of generating more traffic to the media channels as compared to google.

Andrew Montalenti, CTO, Parse.ly said, “The company’s latest estimates show that social-media sources (of which Facebook  FB -3.01 per cent  is by far the largest) accounted for about 43 per cent of the traffic to the Parse.ly network of media sites, while Google accounted for just 38 per cent.”

The company works for some of the big players of the media world including Wired, The Atlantic, Reuters and The Daily Telegraph, as well as a large group of digital-only outlets such as Mashable, The Next Web, and Business Insider. Collectively, the network accounts for about 6 billion pageviews and more than one billion unique visitors per month.

“This isn’t the first time that Facebook has edged past Google in the traffic-referral race. From the company’s data, it’s clear that search has hit a kind of plateau and isn’t really growing any more as a referral source for media. Meanwhile, Facebook’s influence has shown it’s on a continued growth trajectory,” says Montalenti.