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Fitness start-up, Sportfit acquired by Yuvraj Singh-backed health-tech start-up, Wellversed


Source: The Startup Lab

Wellversed is a health and nutrition start-up, a market leader for all kinds of dietary routines that aims to enable a dietary transformation without making any significant behavioural or lifestyle changes.

Wellversed is backed by Cricketer Yuvraj Singh as he made an undisclosed investment in the start-up, earlier this year in October. As a part of the deal, the cricketer will be the brand ambassador for the company and will be working closely with the core team to scale up their business.

Having said that, recently the health-tech start-up has acquired fitness coaching and health counselling company, Sportfit.

As reported by Inc42, Wellversed is aiming to enable over 1 lakh transformations by next year. This acquisition will allow Sportfit to leverage Wellversed’s wellness services team, increasing its operational workforce strength to over 100 employees.

The company’s seed funding round backed by Yuvraj Singh concluded the company with over INR 100 crore valuation.

This acquisition will benefit Wellversed in many ways, the company will continue to expand and operate on its transformational plans and Sportfit’s already established healthcare coaching and dietary counselling skills will boost the company’s fitness approach. As reported by Live Mint, Wellversed has successfully enabled more than 12,000 transformations and this acquisition will simply enable the brand to expand its portfolio to make athletic transformations as well.

Commenting on the acquisition, Aaris Kalra, founder, Sportfit says that Wellversed fills the gap of genuine health supplements in the market and Sportfit’s acquisition will enhance the pace of health and athletic transformations for new customers.

Aaris Kalra is now leading sales operations at Wellversed as mentioned on his LinkedIn profile.

Sportfit was launched last year in 2019 and has its footprints in over 100 gyms and athletic locations across Delhi NCR and helps users with transformational coaching. Before the COVID-19 imposed lockdowns, the start-up was focusing more on one-to-one physical activity and diet counselling for customers.

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Now that, Wellversed has acquired Sportfit, it is ready as a combination of healthcare coaching and athletic transformations and as it enters the market, it is competing against other market players including Curefit, GoQii, Sarva Yoga which offers similar products- nutrition, coaching, healthcare, fitness and other services.

As unfortunate as COVID-19 pandemic has been, its imposed lockdowns have enabled these start-ups to flourish and provide healthcare and transformational coaching online.


The gyms and other athletic venues were previously closed for more than six months and fitness-based tech found its potential for the near future.




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