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Ford charge angels that repair EV charging stations to be launched this year

As Ford is planning to launch its F-150 Lightning soon, they have also come up with an interesting plan for charging stations. Ford will have charge angles, who will be employed only to repair the charging stations whenever needed. Finding reliable charging stations is difficult, considering that there are limited locations with charging stations.

Ford Introduces North America's Largest Electric Vehicle Charging Network, Helping Customers Confidently Switch to an All-Electric Lifestyle | Ford Media Center

Image credits- Ford Media Center

Palmer told the outlet, All they’ll do all day long is go and check them to see where they fail and why. There are a lot of plugs out there, but some of them are old and they don’t have the quality or reliability we want. Over 99.5 percent of customers go into a charger and get a charge. We’re pleased about that. But a number less than that get a charge the first time they charge.”

While competitors have been working on different charging stations options. Like Volkswagen working on premium charging station experience. Ford is working on fixing problems so that they can hunt down the stations which have problems. The main aspect of charging stations currently is high quality and reliability. The so-called Charge Angles will be working on the very same. Their job would be first to find the problem and find solutions for the issue.

A shift towards electric vehicles

As the company is shifting towards electric vehicles. This year they have been pushing the promotion for Ford F-150 Lightning as it will be competing with top EV players. Additionally, recently Rivian launches its first electric pickup truck, which already gave the company an advantage.

Furthermore, it is known that Ford’s Mustang Mach-E is known to charge is other EV stations. High time for the company to focus on charging stations, as more EV models will be launching by next year. The company announced that they are planning to have the charge angels to be on road by 2021. The company has charging stations in the US in alliance with Electrify America and ChargePoint.

Ford has DC fast charging in many locations which can charge the car for 54 miles with 10 minutes charge. The charging stations have always been known to be quick. However, the issues with them are known to be posted on online platforms. In March, Ford is known to have stopped selling home charging stations. It was because some stopped working. They said that it isn’t linked with safety. As F-150 Lightning is coming up, it is essential that the company is working on such minor incidents.




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